Nikki Gil: Urban Sanctuary


Life has never been the same for Nikki after she made her star-making Coke commercial, but she knows how to handle the highs and lows of the industry. Music from her album fills the air while Nikki sits comfortably for this shoot. This household knows a thing or two when it comes to relaxation. (YES! House Special 2008 issue)

Home is where the heart is, especially in Nikki Gil's home. Commuting between the south and Quezon City, the young singer finds sanctuary in her two-storey Alabang home.

All is quiet in the neighborhood that Nikki goes home to. Beyond the gate and lush foliage of the garden is a stone stairway that leads straight up to the second floor of the house. A huge Indonesian teak door admits you into a place seemingly far away from the ruckus of the urban jungle. The house itself is reminiscent of a posh resort: warm lighting, soothing palettes, the dominant use of wood, and most of all, the abundance of space.

There is also a sense of the old and new unified. The structure of the house spans 25 years, and being the third owners of the house, the Gils added their own style when they moved in two years ago. But their style philosophy got a big boost from architect Anthony Villarosa.

"[The wife of Anthony Villarosa] is an interior designer," reveals Julie Gil, the matriarch of the house. "So most of the ideas in the house are theirs."

Nikki was adamant in making her room evoke the calm ambiance of a spa. "Ang explanation naman ng [room ko], sabi ko, do what you want, do whatever you will, just make sure it will look like a spa," Nikki proudly says. "And here you have it, na-achieve nila, in fairness."

Happy with the design of the house, the family has no plans to renovate in the near future. As of now, what matters most is having a place to be together as a family. And Nikki knows the importance of family, that's why she decided not to opt for amenities that can hinder togetherness, foregoing what may be automatic choices for any modern homeowner.


"Pag nag-tig-isa kami ng TV, di na lalabas ng kuwarto. Kung may sarili kang [refrigerator] sa room, di ka na magki-kitchen," she rationalizes.

As night descends, Nikki and her mom curl up on a comfy sofa to watch TV. It's been a long day for the young star, but if its end brings her closer to the people she loves most, then it's been a day well spent.





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