PEP welcomes its newest blogger, Rachel Donaire!


"The readers can expect several different topics in my blogs. Some will cover the hectic busy lifestyle of a boxer's wife, the hardships and transitions we go through, as well as current events happening all over the world. Sometimes, [it will share] my opinion on controversial PEP topics," says PEP's newest celebrity blogger Rachel Donaire, wife of WBA Super Flyweight champ Nonito "The Flash" Donaire.

The public can now easily recognize Rachel Donaire because she has been appearing with her husband, WBA Super Flyweight champ Nonito "The Flash" Donaire, in several events and television interviews.

She looks confident, and seems to be in her element, but Rachel says she's still trying to get used to her instant fame. "I find showbiz catching me a bit off guard!" she told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during her first official press conference, where she was introduced as the newest endorser of Mikaela.

"While I was ready for questions on health, barely any came," she begins. "To my surprise, it was more about intriga. Most of the questions made me laugh.

"I think the hardest part of showbiz is your life is under a microscope. What you eat, wear, and even say, sometimes are scrutinized. People always have something to say and you really really have to be secure in yourself, in your relationship."


So when asked if she's ready to face the bout of intrigues, she says she'll hold on to the promise of her husband, who joined show business via GMA-7's Sunday sitcom Show Me The Manny.

Rachel elaborates, "I was secure in our marriage, and Nonito assured me that if showbiz created a rift between us, he'd quit. It gave me the chance to say that our marriage is number one, everything else is secondary."

Besides, the taekwondo's "Knockout Queen" says she only joined local show business because her husband asked her.

"I'm not really into being in front of the camera. I LOVE being the organizer behind it! For example, organizing the media workouts before the fights and promoting it with my team gives me so much more joy.

"Nonito wants me to at least try to be in front of the camera once, and if I don't like it then he said I can quit, but at least I had the opportunity to try out what he enjoys so much. We'll see, I guess. I think in the end, my passion for writing, organizing, and business will outshine it in the end," she relates.


Aside from sports and showbiz, Rachel keeps her hands busy with some business ventures. "I work on different streams of income for life after boxing. I also am finishing my Masters Degree for Business Management. I work weekly with financial planners to make sure our budgets are correct, plus, I have my very own line of purses which will be launched soon!"

"BLOG K.O." And while she's having the time of her life here in the Philippines, Rachel will try to document all the highlights and sidelights of her life via "Blog K.O."

"The readers can expect several different topics in my blogs. I think it will be empowering. Most of the time, I write to try to give people a different view of things and hopefully instill change. The tone is a self-reflection on how we can always make ourselves better. I will also have a little quirky side to it where I play with my Taglish. It'll be fun, promise!"


And yes, she'll be transparent about her life as Mrs. Donaire, but she has one request:

"My hope is that if people do look at us underneath a microscope. I hope they remember that we are human, prone to make mistakes. I hope they take what we are doing right in our lives, learn from it, and apply it to theirs if it makes their life better..."

So, PEPsters, a warm welcome for Rachel Donaire, our new celebrity blogger! CLICK HERE to read her first entry.


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