ADVERTORIAL: Regine Tolentino puts Super in the word "mom"


Regine Tolentino's visit to Arellano University in Pasay, with Bisolvon, which presently promotes its cough-free campaign via the Alagang SuperMOMents Online Photo Contest.

She's a host, an actress, an entrepreneur, but Regine Tolentino's most favorite role is being a supermom to her kids.

When she's not taping for a show or designing for her collection, she spends quality time with her kids, bonding with them through dance lessons, badminton, movies, shopping and traveling.

And for each special moment, she brings her camera. Regine says, "It's important to document these special moments in our lives. It is a reminder that you are doing the right thing as a mom to raise a happy and healthy family. It's best to capture and cherish these moments before they slip away."

PROTECTING HER KIDS. For every supermom, health is important. A simple cough problem can limit a child's activities. So, Regine trusts only the most reliable products and leading brands, like Bisolvon.

As the brand's lady ambassador, she joins the mall tours and small barangay events, and gives talks and health tips to supermoms like her. Basically, she wants to impart how to keep the kids free from cough, infection and sickness via the campaign Alagang Bisolvon, Alagang Supermom, Solve ang Ubo!


She's also glad that Bisolvon understands the importance of spending quality time with family. That's why she pledged her full support to Bisolvon's recently-launched project, the Alagang SuperMOMents Online Photo Contest in Festival Mall.

Hundreds of entries were already uploaded on the Alagang Supermom website, and 50 of these will be chosen via voting, which started last April 26 , and will end this May 16. Entries with the most touching scenes and the most number of votes will win special cash prizes. One will emerge as the grand winner, who will get the chance to appear on TV and in magazines.

Aside from the winning photos, two lucky voters will also get 5,000 pesos each. Time to vote now!


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