Andi Eigenmann is thankful for the success of Agua Bendita


Andi Eigenmann, being the daughter of acting greats Jaclyn Jose and Mark Gil, never thought of being in show business. She admits right now that she has grown to love the industry. "Siya ang pinakabagong na-discover ko about myself na puwede ko palang mahalin. Kahit anong mangyari, e hindi ko na kaya itong pakawalan," she said.

Andi Eigemann, the star of Agua Bendita, has been getting a lot of attention for her skill in acting, considering that ths is her first major project as a lead actress. The Buzz yesterday, April 11, showed a segment of the young actress' loved ones with their personal messages for her.

First was the fact that she toned her weight by swimming and followed a strict diet plan. After four months, she lost 35 lbs. Mom Jaclyn commented, "Kahit sexy si Andi, halimbawa, e, kahit mag-wear siya ng something in Agua, e, I don't mind at all. I trust her so much, e."

Dad Mark Gil admitted, "Everywhere I go, people would tell me na, 'Di ba ikaw yung dad ni Agua Bendita?'"

"Ang tawag sa kanya, e, Agua," Jacklyn added, "meaning that they're watching her and they know her. Minsan pag ako lang naglalakad, e, tawag sa akin ng tao, e, 'Tingnan mo, o, nanay ni Agua.'"


Half-brother Sid Lucero could say nothing but his utmost praise for his sister. "I'm not surprised that you're doing this well. You deserve everything. Come on, you were made for this thing."

ONE-ON-ONE INTERVIEW WITH KC. "I know you're very emotional right now, but can I make you even emotional?" joked The Buzz new co-host KC Concepcion after she and Andi viewed the segment. "You are very important to me because you are my first guest!"

Andi laughed and said, "I'm honored to be your first guest!"

"First, I'd like to congratulate you sa sobrang success ng Agua Bendita," said KC amidst the cheers from the studio audience. "How does it feel na sobrang successful ng show mo?"

"Super saya, as in," answered Andi. "I can't put into words the way I feel kaya siguro that is why I got so emotional." Getting teary-eyed, she continued, "It is my first show and it is such an honor and I did not expect na makakarating ako ng ganito kataas, tapos first show ko successful agad. Sobrang naging iba ng career at buhay ko, and I'm so happy about it."


Does Andi feel that she was made for the acting business like her brother Sid Lucero commented earlier? And how does Andi elevate her confidence with her wieght-loss improvement and all?

"Yeah!" laughed Andi. "Hindi sa hindi pa ako kuntento sa weight ko ngayon dahil malaki naman ang na-lose ko naman kahit papaano. Iyong 10 to 15 pounds, para sa akin, e, bumabalik. Even if I lost 35 pounds, e, bumabalik like the things na I pig out."

PARENTS IN THE INDUSTRY. KC commented that she has something in common with Andi: A child of famous parents. Andi is the daughter of Jaclyn Jose and Mark Gil while KC is the daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. "Were there times in your life na napre-pressure ka?" she asked.

"Yeah!" said Andi. "Siyempre, our parents have names in the industry, tapos for me na hindi pa naman kilala, e, malay ba nila na papasok din ako sa industriya. Nakaka-pressure talaga kasi they expect to see something from you also na sana kahit papaano, e, umabot sa level ng magulang. Nuknukan kasi sila sa galing, e!"


Does she ask advice from her parents?

"Both my mom and dad, e, non-stop sila sa pag-support sa akin," Andi said. "Pero medyo minimal kasi they believe na kung ano sa iyo naturally, e, mas maganda."

How about her lovelife?

"Siyempre kailangan tanungin!" laughed Andi. "Aside from being a mother, e, best friend ko siya. Sa kanya ako tatakbo at una ko siyang tinatanong."

KC smiled and followed with, "Have you been in love ba?"

"Bata pa po ako," smiled the 19-year-old actress. "Marami pa akong time para ma-discover ang love!"


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