Jaclyn Jose sets high standard for daughter Andi Eigenmann's acting


"What my mom has achieved was so much that maybe, who knows, she's the only one who can achieve that. I don't think I can equal her standards," says Andi Eigenmann about her mother, award-winning actress Jaclyn Jose.

Multi-awarded actress Jaclyn Jose kept her eyes on daughter Andi Eigenmann as she walked onstage during the launch of her newest endorsement The Ramp Crossings at TriNoma in Quezon City recently.

The proud mother was so excited to see Andi being introduced as an image model that when PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked her about it before the program, she just blurted out, "Ano pa nga ba ang masasabi ko kundi napakasaya ko!"

During our interview, Jaclyn did not mind being seen as a stage mother. She's been wishing to be like that for her daughter. But she couldn't get a bonding moment with Andi because they both have a hectic schedule—Jaclyn is busy taping for Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo while the 19-year-old actress tapes almost daily as lead character in Agua Bendita.

She related, "Once pa lang ako nakadalaw sa [set ng] Agua Bendita kasi nagte-taping din ako [para sa Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo]. Actually, hindi rin kami nagkikita. Kanina lang kami nagkita, ang huling kita namin, Linggo.


Whenever she gets the chance, Jaclyn visits her daughter on the set but not often. "I wish I have time to go to her, to watch her, to support her, to help her kung kailangan niya ako. But I couldn't kasi I'm also busy, I'm also working," said Jaclyn.

TEACHING BY EXAMPLE. When Andi joined showbiz, Jaclyn did not give specific advice about showbiz. She just gave her daughter important pointers in honing her acting skills.

"Umpisa pa lang, binigay ko na sa kanya lahat," related Jaclyn. "Nilatag ko na sa kanya lahat, 'tapos pili na lang siya roon. 'Tapos kapag may problema siya, sabi ko sabihan niya na lang ako to help her. Ang binigay ko lang sa kanya ay sincerity, be the character, be the person, act naturally from the heart, be the person just by the character because every human being is very important."

Jaclyn was also confident that as a child Andi already picked up lessons in showbiz from her example.


She said, "'Yong nakikita ni Andi sa akin, kailangan maging magandang example. You know, Andi saw me growing up working this way with discipline. Kahit na ano, you have to attend and you have to go to work kahit masama ang pakiramdam mo.

"She grew up seeing me na ganun magtrabaho. So, 'yon ang namana niya. She doesn't wanna be late, ayaw niya ng pressure. Gusto niya alam na niya ang gagawin niya pagdating sa set. She's like me!"

Since she's already a well-known actress in the industry, does she put pressure to Andi to also reach whatever she has achieved now?

"No pressure at all. [Sabi ko], 'Do whatever you want,'" answered Jaclyn. "Kaya 'yon lang ang mga binigay ko, e, criteria lang. Kaya hindi ko siya binigyan ng mga [tips] kung paano bibitawan [ang linya]. It will come naturally later on. Alam ko 'yan, darating 'yan kung meron."


DAUGHTER'S ADMIRATION. Andi describes her mom as someone who's very supportive of her career.

"She's really a supportive mom when it comes to acting stuff. She always tells me na, you know... She always tells me na that class is more. She always tells me to always be professional," Andi said during the press conference held after the fashion show prepared by The Ramp Crossings.

Andi said her mom never failed to give her reminders about showbiz. However, she believed that she would have a hard time leveling up to Jaclyn's achievements as an actress.

The Agua Bendita actress stated, "My mom's achievement is beyond amazing. I mean, that's too high of a goal I think. But what my mom has achieved was so much that maybe, who knows, she's the only one who can achieve that. I don't think I can equal her standards."


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