Ynez Veneracion's home


This modest-size pool is in the back of the all-white house. Though occasionally the subject of blind items, the last one having to do with the issue of suicide due to a heartbreak, Ynez Veneracion exudes an image of peace and bliss while posing at poolside in a casual ensemble.

(YES! Celebrity Homes 2007)

Judging from her sultry nymph packaging, Ynez Veneracion seems like the type who would opt for heavy drapes, a canopied bed, and interiors oozing with sexiness. Her house, however, debunks that notion.

The two-story, six-bedroom house, which stands on a 400-square-meter lot in a Pasig City subdivision and shelters Ynez and her entire family, aspires for a maaliwalas and uncluttered look.

The facade has a cool modern feel, the main door is wonderfully framed with transparent cubes, and the high ceiling and tall windows in the receiving area instantly create an utterly relaxed aura.

For her private spaces—bedroom and bathroom—Ynez veered away from frilly details and went straight to the point with clean lines and her color of choice, orange.

In matters of design, Ynez admits that she patterned her house after that of her ex-boyfriend Mon Confiado. But the use of vibrant hues in the interiors is enough giveaway that the homeowner is a woman, in spite of the house’s masculine exterior.



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