Maxene Magalona admits Dominic Roco is her closest guy friend


Maxene Magalona says she does not believe in courtship, she just prefers to "hang out" with Dominic Roco (right).

"Basta ako masasabi ko lang, Dom is very, very different from all the other guys I've met," declared Maxene Magalona regarding her rumored suitor Dominic Roco.

The Kapuso actress points out that she doesn't believe in courtship. "Hindi talaga ako naniniwala sa ligaw. I'm sorry, ayoko ng panliligaw. Gusto ko yung ganito, barkada, hanging out."

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had the chance to interview both Maxene and Dominic when they graced the gala night of Rekrut recently held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

The daughter of Francis Magalona says that she and Dominic are just close friends.

"Lahat naman sila yung mga barkada ko, they're all special to me...pero with Dom talaga, kaya rin naman kami yung pinaka-close sa isa't isa is because kami yung pinaka-nag-click and yung marami kaming similarities."

Maxene says that their close friendship started by "hanging out" and spending time together. "Hindi naman ibig sabihin porke't meron dalawang tao na babae't lalaki na close, ibig sabihin may romantic [relationship] na talaga," she explained.

Maxene stressed that they are still getting to know each other.

"Ako, I can say na I'm really single and Dom [Dominic] is single so hindi talaga namin iniisip, promise! Talagang hanging out, getting to know each other... Tingnan na lang natin, malay natin."

EXCLUSIVELY DATING? When members of the press asked if Dominic loves Maxene, the son of Bembol Roco simply answered: "Basta I'm always there for Max."

Dominic admitted that he's not seeing anyone else but he declined to say the real score between him and Maxene.


"Hindi talaga 'ko nagsasabi when it comes to my personal life so I'd rather keep it to myself or to my close friends," says the young actor.

When asked if they are exclusively dating, Maxene points out that the only thing important to them now is their level of friendship. "Hindi, hindi talaga kami...basta we're friends. I can say talaga na yung pagiging close namin ni Dom parang, I really treasure yun honestly kasi parang its very rare na you find a true friend in show business and in this kind of work that we do parang very rare talaga.

"It's not just Dominic but also sina Felix [Roco, Dominic's twin brother], Alwyn [Uytingco], sila JM [de Guzman], lahat po sila I consider them good friends. Pero si Dom, siya talaga pinaka-close sa 'kin."

Maxene happily stated: "Basta ako, maganda ako, nagbu-bloom ako. Masaya ako pag kasama ko si Dom."

Maxene is currently being seen on GMA-7's Trudis Liit while Dominic is part of the afternoon series Basahang Ginto.

Both of them were cast members in the Cinemalaya entry Rekrut, written and directed by Danny AƱonuevo. It tells the story of military recruits who are being trained for a classified military operation. When PEP asked Maxene if they became close because of this film, she said that she and Dominic were already in the same barkada even before they started shooting.

The competition films of Cinemalaya 2010 will be screened at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Film Institute (Cine Adarna) on July 20-23 and July 26-30. (CLICK HERE to view the screening schedule.)






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