Karylle rates running as her top sport


Karylle also reveals the benefits of regular body massage. "Kasi before, I was not a fan of massages, kasi feeling ko ano siya, parang luho. Pero yun pala, it helps with the circulation. And before I used to have bad skin. But when I started doing that regularly, I guess it also removes the stress. So yung mga toxins, nare-release then and all that, so, 'yon," she said.

Karylle has embraced running as her number one sport. In an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on September 15, the singer-actress said she found herself healthier after she started training for five-kilometer races.

"Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, when I'm free, I run. I have a coach, the team of Coach Rio [dela Cruz], but my personal coach is Coach Allan Ballester. So I do that," Karylle told PEP during the shoot for STAGES Management held at The Room, Quezon City.

Trainng for the sport, which she started last January, even strengthens her singing ability. "Ever since I started to run, parang I really feel healthier, stronger for singing. Like, sometimes I hold my notes longer na," she said.

She also loves joining running events around the country and she consistently finishes in the top 10. Her most recent race was the First Biodiversity Run in Mt. Makiling in Laguna last September 4.

Karylle narrated, "The last one I joined was Mt. Makiling, I placed number 10 sa women. It was pretty hard. It was 5K, but it was still the hardest race in the sense that 3K there was rough road. May mga bato. So it's cute."


"Even in the race I did in MoA [SM Mall of Asia], I was ano naman there, top 8," she added. "Nakakatuwa na sometimes I pass guys, and they're like, 'Ikaw talaga, Karylle. Naunahan mo kami. 3K lang kami, 5K ka pero alam namin nauna ka pa matapos.' And they tell me that they get inspired to train. So, somehow, I feel like, 'Oh, I beat a guy,' but also na at least that they know that they have to work hard. Parang they get inspired. So it's been interesting like that."

Karylle said she joined her first race two years ago, though she did not do well. She was surprised that runs were already popular then.

"I didn't know, I mean, like, when I first ran, sabi ko, people should know about this! Pagtingin ko, ang daming tao, sabi ko, huli na pala ako sa balita," she said.


Karylle is already excited to join more fun runs next month.

"This coming October I have a run almost every week, starting with the 10-10-10, that's the Pasig River Run. We have a billboard coming out, sa Bench, so that's me and Papa P [Piolo Pascual]. And then, after that, we have the Blue Water Day Spa Run... And then after that, there's also the Adidas King of the Road, because I also endorse Adidas. So hopefully after that I'll be ready to do my first 10K," she beamed.


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