Sam Milby reveals his wild side


Cosmo centerfold Sam Milby says that the wildest things he did in the past were skinny dipping and jumping off trains. This year's Cosmo Bachelor Bash will take place at the World Trade Center on Thursday, September 9.(CLICK HERE to watch Sam narrating the wildest thing that he has done in his life)

Sam Milby revealed that he already did a pictorial as one of the 69 Cosmo bachelors in 2005, but it was much tamer compared to his sexy pictorial this 2010.

"Well, yung pictorial ko noong 2005, may damit," he said during the August 31 press conference organized by Summit Media's Cosmopolitan magazine for this year's celebrity centerfolds. "Yung 2005 pictorial ko, it was right after my Close-up commercial. This year, nakahubad ako. Noong nag-shoot kami, may tarantula sa dibdib ko."

Did he have any problem shooting with animals for the "wild" theme of this year's batch?

"Yung tarantula nandito sa dibdib ko, pero nag-i-islide siya pababa so sinasabi ko [sa caretaker], 'Kuya, kunin mo!'"

Sam recalled a funny incident during his pictorial at the Avilon Zoo. "Pagpasok ko, may nakita akong orangutan at kinuha niya yung Gatorade ko. Binuksan niya ang Gatorade ko at inubos niya!"

How did he prepare for this pictorial?

"I work out once every month or once every two weeks. I diet a lot and I don't really do any cardio. I feel very lucky because I build up very fast. If I work out for two days in a row for a pictorial, I grow muscles fast. That's what I did."


Does he have a wild side?

"Ang wild side ko ngayon, nagmo-motocross. It's not the safest sport," says Sam.

The actor was able to prove his talent in this extreme sport when he won in two categories during the Philippine National Supercross Series Round held last July.

When it comes to love, does he have a wild streak as well?

"Ako yung type na pag in love ako, parang nawawala ang mundo...naka-focus lang ako sa kanya."

What is his wildest fantasy?

"Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba. Basta I'll be with them...puwedeng date lang."

What's the wildest thing that he did in his life?

"Mayroon kaming property sa Ohio with a pond...nag-skinny dipping kami lagi. We were teenagers then."

Later, Sam narrated yet another wild thing he did that almost cost him his life.

"Dati, I used to jump trains. Once, muntik nang mamatay ako. I jumped off a train that was going 40 miles per hour. This was in the States...kasama ko yung friend ko.


"I used to sneak out of our house in the middle of the night. By the time we got to the end of our town, mabilis talaga yung takbo ng train. Sabi ng friend ko, we have to jump now coz it's our only chance.

"My friend jumped and he landed head first. He ended up in the hospital. As for me, I jumped and I started flying in the air. My friend landed on rocks so I aimed towards the grass."

Sam pointed to a barely visible scar on his left arm. "Dati may peklat ako dito, pero medyo nawala na. I didn't need to go to a hospital. I just covered [my scars] up with my long sleeves."

ON MARIE DIGBY. Sam has gone out on dates with international acoustic singer Marie Digby. Will the actor invite her to watch him during the Cosmo Bachelor Bash, if he walks the runway?


"Hindi kasi unang-una, nahihiya ako at mako-conscious. Pangalawa, ang layo niya para lang pumunta siya dito. Fourteen to sixteen hours ang flight."

Did he inform her about his sexy pictorial for Cosmo?

"Hindi, but I texted her during the pictorial."

Will he be sending her a copy of the Cosmo Men supplement?

"Hindi, but my fans sent her a copy of my movies. She watched You Are The One, My Big Love and And I Love You So. Nagustuhan naman niya."

COSMO CENTERFOLDS. Aside from Sam, the other centerfolds in the Cosmo Men supplement are ABS-CBN stars Christian Bautista, Matteo Guidicelli, and Tom Rodriguez as well as GMA-7 actors Joross Gamboa, Carl Guevara, Fabio Ide, and Rocco Nacino. Completing the list are thespian Marco Mañalac and model Bryann Foronda.

Christian, Joross, Matteo, Rocco, and Fabio also shared anecdotes about their "wild" pictorial with animals. Some of them were photographed at the Avilon Montalban Zoological Park while others were shot on location at the Ark Avilon Zoo at Frontera Verde.


Joross joked, "Actually, hindi naman kami nahirapan mag-pose kasi yung lion na ginamit, alaga ko yun sa bahay."

Matteo related, "I was photographed with a horse and it was fun because I used to ride horses when I was a kid. The photographer was scared to let me ride a horse so I didn't get to ride one."

Brazilian actor-model Fabio recalled, "It was konti mahirapbecause I was holding a very heavy eagle and every time, we were ready to take a picture, the eagle would fly! So they bring the bird back, I would position again, but in the end, okay naman, we were able to do it."

On September 9, these hunks and other macho models are expected to take part in the annual Cosmo Bachelor Bash at the World Trade Center.

(CLICK HERE to view behind-the-scenes photos and videos of this year's 69 bachelors and centerfolds.)


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