Isabella Gonzalez accepts the challenge of being Kuh Ledesma's daughter to establish her own identity in the music business


"It's not easy being the only daughter of the Pop Diva," laughs Isabella, who wrote most of the songs in her debut album. "Many people expect so much... My mom had a colorful and successful career and I could not match that in any way. That's why I need to have my own identity. I need to be myself."

Masayang-masaya ang unica hija ni Pop Diva Kuh Ledesma na si Isabella Gonzalez dahil na-release na sa wakas ang first solo CD album nito titled iDENTitY. Naganap ang album launch sa Teatrino Greenhills sa San Juan last Thursday, September 2.

Hindi makapaniwala si Isabella na nailabas na ang kanyang album at proud na proud siya sa mga songs na nakapaloob dito. Sabi ni Isabella, pinagbuhusan niya ng maraming oras at panahon ang project na ito na magiging part na ng kanyang buhay.

"I made a chart of my life and this is one big part of it," nakangiting sabi niya. "The album is really about my life. Me being a daughter, a friend, and an inspiration to other people. I have my influences and they were good ones. I just want to share this part of my life to the people who believed in me from the very beginning."

HER OWN IDENTITY. Hindi daw naging madali para sa kanya ang pasukin ang mundo na kinalakihan niya.


"It's not easy being the only daughter of the Pop Diva," sabay tawa ni Isabella. "Many people expect so much... they expect me to follow whatever my mom did. My mom had a colorful and successful career and I could not match that in any way. That's why I need to have my own identity. I need to be myself."

Tinanggap nga ni Isabella bilang challenge iyon. Imbes na maging isang singer lang siya ay sinikap niya ring sulatin ang karamihan ng mga kanta sa album niya.

"In the past, I wasn't ready to embark on this grand journey of expressing myself musically. I had to learn who I was first as a person so that I would have something to share with the public.

"Perhaps, I needed to go through trials and challenges that would help give me something to write about so that I could connect with others. Because now I realize that I don't just want to sing songs, I want to reach out to people through songs to comfort and perhaps even help encourage them through the lyrics of these songs.


"Now that I have an album entitled iDENTitY, I guess this album is coming not after the long time but at just the right time, now that I have a message to share and the ability to share."

In-explain ni Isabelle ang title ng kanyang album.

"It is spelled as such because I long to make a D-E-N-T or impact with the Lord. That's really why I chose that word, and because my identity is firmly established in who I believe in and the change that He had made in my life, the fact that I write [from] the standpoint of a new iDENTitY that I have in Him."

A SONG FROM DAD. Pinagmamalaki ni Isabella na may sinulat ang kanyang amang si Louie Gonzalez na isang kanta para sa album. Isang wish iyon na natupad para sa kanya.

"My dad wrote and composed the song 'Dance In Your Light.' He promised me that song and now it's here in my album," madamdaming pahayag ni Isabella.


"One thing that I am so happy about is that my dad is here to witness this special event of my life. This is like the second time that my dad will see me sing live. The first time was such a long time ago na. And I am so happy that he is here to support me."

Present din ang kanyang inang si Kuh Ledesma na mukhang kinakabahan pero nakangiti habang nagpe-perform ang kanyang anak sa entablado.

"My mom and I, we've been through a lot in life. She's always there for me and I am here for her as well. Though we may have many differences and misunderstandings along the way... we're still together.

"I give credit to the Lord for giving me this family... for giving me my parents. Though it's not perfect, but we try to make it perfect for one another."

Isabella's solo album was produced by Bravo Records and distributed by Viva Records with the support of the Music Museum Group and in partnership with Mossimo Music whose advocacy is to help children born with cleft lips and palates.


The album contains 12 songs, two of which are revivals. The carrier single is the remake of the song "I Can't Fight This Feeling (Any Longer)," originally by REO Speedwagon. The single premiered on five FM stations last August 9.

Other cuts in the album are: "Believe," "Divine Reminder," "I've Been Searching," "I Know Someone," "Take Me By The Hand," "Fatherless Child," "Care and Give," "More Than Conquerors," "The Darkness Flees," "Overcome" and the remake of "Soulmate" by Natasha Bedingfiled.


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