Manny Pacquiao should retire, PEPsters say


"Kaya ko pa, e," was Manny Pacquiao's reason when asked when he's going to stop boxing. "Isipin mo, ha. Halimbawa huminto ako ng boxing. So, wala na tayong karangalan. Wala nang magwawagayway sa bandila."

"Wala na siyang dapat patunayan," was the pulse about the supposed next fight of Manny Pacquiao.

Out of the 214 voters, 73.36% were one in saying that the Pambansang Kamao should retire.

After winning 8 titles in 8 different weight divisions, the PEPsters think he has had more than enough bouts, and has done more than enough for the country.

Most importantly, they are concerned about his health. One reader, whose username is Eliahkoh 011380, says, "Aanhin nya ang pera kung ikakasama naman sa kanyang kalusugan ito."

In the U.K., boxing is deemed by the British Medical Association as "an unacceptably dangerous sport," according to BBC Sports.

Likewise, Men's Health in the U.S. reports, "American Association of Neurological Surgeons says that 90% of boxers sustain a brain injury."

The magazine's explanation: "It is estimated that when a boxer gets a direct blow to the head, it is like being hit by a 12lb padded, wooden mallet travelling at 20mph! Being hit on the head can cause fractures to the bone of the head and face and tissue damage in the brain. A blow can damage the surface of the brain, tear nerve networks, cause lesions, bleeding and sometimes produce large clots within the brain."


But Manny's latest interview with Showbiz Central indicated his excitement to set his 58th fight.

"Gusto ko nga may sumunod na para tuloy-tuloy na," Pacman said.

And 26.64% clamor for "kahit isang laban na lang."


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