Ian Batherson on gay rumor: "That's crap."


Ian Batherson says he may stop watching Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown after the episode where he was voted out was shown. "I'm not gonna watch it anymore, kasi wala na ako dun. Malulungkot lang ako," he said.

Ian Batherson is not happy with the rumors that he's gay. According to several tabloid reports, Ian showed an unusual closeness to fellow castaway Ahron Villena in Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown.

To clear this up, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) talked to Ian on two occasions: during the Survivor Philippines grand fans day last Sunday, October 17, at Sky Dome, SM North Edsa, Quezon City, and during his pocket interview this afternoon, October 19, at the Executive Lounge of GMA Network Center in Quezon City.

According to Ian, he is close to Ahron only because they are good friends. "Barkada lang," the 21-year-old model-actor said. "When you're on the island, you get really close."

The StarStruck V alumnus thinks the gay rumor is worth nothing. "That's crap," he said. "I am a straight human being and I love girls."

He quipped, "Sa StarStruck, babaero ako. Sa Survivor, bading ako. Ano ba 'yan!"

Ian said the rumor originated with Pretty Trisza, another castaway.

"Galit ako sa kanya," he said. "Siya yung nagsimula ng rumor na bading ako."

That's why he's still not on good terms with the stand-up comedian. "I don't wanna waste my time. What will I say? 'Oh, hey!' Plastikan?" Ian said.

BEING SINGLE. PEP then asked Ian if he's being linked to any girls now. Ian said he wants to stay single so he could focus on his showbiz career.

So, he's not courting Rox Montealegre of StarStruck V anymore?

"No. Rox is old news," Ian answered.

How about Nina Kodaka, another batchmate?

"Not true," he replied. "I'm looking for a girl though. I need to find one, but yeah, Nina's cool. She's nice."

Ian said he has no time to fool around because his schedule is always full. He's busy with guestings on TV shows, Survivor mall tours, working out, taking voice and acting lessons, making commercials, and learning Tagalog.


He's also stressed that his StarStruck batchmates Steven Silva, Rocco Nacino, and Enzo Pineda now have their own soaps. Ian, meanwhile, is still uncertain of his career's future.

"Parang kinakabahan ako, anong susunod pagkatapos ng Survivor. I don't know what will happen....I'm just saying that, you know, hopefully, mapapansin nila yung potential ko sa showbiz. Kasi kung hindi, sayang, di ba?" he said.





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