Jasmine Curtis plunges into work after visiting Boracay


"I'm just a normal teenage girl na makulit, mahilig matulog at mahilig kumain," said Jasmine Curtis when asked about her off-cam personality.

Jasmine Curtis made sure that a couple days will be dedicated to visiting the famous white beach of Boracay after Christmas until the New Year.

She spent her time bonding with older sister Anne Curtis and her ate's barkada.

Jasmine is staying at her Ate Anne's house in Makati. She hasn't seen her dad though, who's based in Pampanga. But he constantly calls her to check on things.

The newcomer is set to return home to Australia on the first week of February.

FIRST TV SERIES. Jasmine already started work for her upcoming television series on TV5, Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum, where she is paired with JC de Vera.

Aside from JC, Jasmine is open to working with anyone in the industry.

"Anyone who's interesting to work with coz hindi naman lahat ng makakatrabaho mo is the same personality of the one before.

"So, siguro it's good to have different types of people to work with kahit na other people don't think they are nice. I guess it depends kung paano mo sila ma-approach," she said in a recent interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

Part of the series will be shot in Australia.

"The place is really good and it's something to watch out for," said Jasmine, who is excited about shooting the sights in the Land Down Under.

Jasmine has also jumped into all the acting workshops needed.

"Talagang it's been tiring, pero you know what, it's good experience. You get to see all different types of acting and also how you can portray a role," she said.

One thing that she discovered in the workshops was the ability to cry.

"Kami ni Mommy dati, lagi siyang sinasabi sa akin, 'Sige nga, cry ka nga.' I could never cry kasi lagi niya akong pinapatawa.

"My workshop coach really pushed me and really got me to cry. Sobrang nasorpresa ako. Pero it's been really good and it's been really helpful."


ENJOYING SCHOOL WORK. When she's not busy with showbiz, Jasmine also is serious about her school work. She's now in her 11th grade and has one more year left before deciding if she's going to college.

"Right now, I'm doing French, Psychology, studio arts, and youth ministry," she revealed.

"Why French? We are offered three languages at school. There was Italian and Indonesian.

"I would have chosen Indonesian, kasi it's closer to Filipino, but it wouldn't have been a challenge."

She added, "French because of the accent. It's hard, pero you get mesmerized na parang mawawala ka. It's a really interesting language."

She also wants to do other stuff as well.

"I wanna see if I can broaden my perception of photography. I wanna see if I can get involved in that as well."

Jasmine knows how to value her education that's why she chose to be in school and the same time get the opportunity to work in showbiz.

"Everyone knows that in this industry, it is not forever. And an education background is really important. Whatever career you choose, you can always change easily.

"With a good education and a nurtured education, kahit anong possibility ang puwedeng mangyari. As long as talagang i-treasure mo yung education mo, you can do anything."

And another lesson that her parents imparted on Jasmine was to keeping herself grounded.

"Yun nga, not forget where you come from and not forget who you really are before all of this started.

"When there's a time na medyo nagiging too much na yung pag-iisip ko about everything, I just remember that I was just a simple girl who would be playing games on the streets with my friends.

"That's what keeps me humble," said Jasmine.





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