Judy Ann Santos embraces Cohen diet program to get back in shape


Award-winning actress Judy Ann Santos can now comfortably wear jeans after losing some post pregnancy pounds courtesy of a personalized weight loss program.

Award-winning actress Judy Ann Santos took her sweet time before plunging into the Cohen diet regimen—a weight loss program formulated by Dr. Rami Cohen based on his extensive research and studies about hormones and their role in obesity.

According to www.cohenlifestyle.com.ph, Dr. Cohen's investigation led him to develop a radical program different from other popular diet methods.

The Cohen Program is based on an individual's specific blood test results. Using a client's blood test results, the attending doctor then analyses a person's "unique body chemistry" to develop a "personalized eating plan" to bring back the hormones in balance.

Juday flaunted the effective results when she faced members of the entertainment press during her launching as the new endorser of Del Monter Pineapples held recently at 55 Events Place on Tomas Morato, Quezon City. (CLICK HERE to read related article.)

"For me, I can't eat pork. There are some fishes na puwede. Hindi ako puwede sa salmon, 'pag poultry, chicken and turkey lang, and dapat breast part. 'Pag meat naman, steak lang, and may mga vegetables din na puwede," Juday said about the recommendation provided by her doctor following the blood test exam.


PERFECT TIMING. The program may sound strict, but Juday stressed that it's more lenient compared to other popular methods that are often mentioned in mainstream media over the past years.

"It's not like South Beach [Diet] na hindi ka puwede ng fruits," revealed Juday.

"Allowed ako ng mga two fruits a day, tapos five crackers, and you're even allowed to have three sodas a day—so it's not that bad!" she beamed.

"This diet is really up to you. Kailangan committed ka talaga. When I got pregnant I was 116 or 120 lbs. When I gave birth I ballooned to 161 lbs."

Now, and barely a month, after adjusting her habits and lifestyle in accordance with the Cohen Program, Juday was already able to shed off a total of 12 lbs.

Subjecting herself to her preferred diet program took a bit of time. Perhaps it helped that Juday is under no pressure to return to showbiz after giving birth to Juan Luis last October 7, 2010. (CLICK HERE to read related article.)


"Ninamnam ko muna kasi lahat," laughed Juday on her decision to deliberately cancel her appointment to the doctor for a couple of months.

"Feeling ko buong buhay ko naman nagpapapayat na ko. Nanganak naman ako so ibibigay ko na sa sarili ko yun.

"Pinadaan ko muna ang Christmas and New Year, then sabi ko padadaanin ko muna ang Valentine's Day. Nung bago mag-Holy Week, sinimulan ko na mag-diet," Juday recalled.

"After Valentine's Day nagpa-check up na ko. Mga a month bago pa ko nakapagsimula. So yung one month na 'yon sabi ko, 'Naku, ie-enjoy ko munang kumain kasi 'pag nagsimula na ko [mag-diet], goodbye! Goodbye sarap!'"

Part of Juday's motivation also is her upcoming return to television via ABS-CBN's Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition, plus movie projects lined up before the year ends.

Husband Ryan Agoncillo is of course proud of his wife's swift progress to fitness.

"Happy naman," smiled Juday. "Siyempre, araw-araw niya akong nakikita so hindi napapansin. Pero nakikita naman niya na nakakapag-pantalon na ko at masarap na magbihis."






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