PEP EXCLUSIVE: James Younghusband on brother Phil: "We're like best friends "


Team Azkals' James Younghusband (right frame) says he and younger brother Phil (left) are very close. "We grew up going to the same school, so we have many things in common," says the 24-year-old British-Filipino athlete.

After training with his Azkals teammates at the football field for more than an hour, James Younghusband took a break and agreed to a brief interview and shoot with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last Wednesday, February 24, at the Brent International School in Baguio City.

He and Team Azkals have been in the Summer Capital of the Philippines since Sunday, February 20, training in a high-altitude area in preparation for their game slated on March 15 in Mongolia.

James, 24, is 11 months older than Phil, who is also part of the national football team. James is the team's right-winger.

ON PHIL. He told PEP that he and his brother Phil are very close.

"We grew up going to the same school, so we have many things in common," the British-Filipino athlete said.

He added, "Well, I guess we're like best friends."

However, like other siblings, they also fight a lot.

"We fight over petty things... but definitely, not about girls!" James said, laughing.

"We are complete opposites. He is more of the expressive type. I really like expressing myself in other ways... I keep a diary and record everything. I hate it when I forget something, so I document things just in case," he said.

ON GIRLS. James is single. "I date sometimes," he said.

However, right now, he said football occupies most of his time.

"Football is my priority," he stressed.

What type of girl does he go for?

"I prefer someone who is also into sports. Someone, I have common interests with when it comes to things like TV shows...

"I like someone I can talk to about football," he said.

With a half-smile he added, "Filipinas are beautiful. Like my mom and my sister."





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