Clean skin is always in for Nikki Gil


Nikki Gil admits that she can be very "anal" when it comes to skin care. One of her best beauty tips is to not put on concealer when there's no need for it. She says, "If you have nice skin, wear it, 'di ba?"

Nikki Gil has been working nonstop since she joined show business in 2005.

Stardom came to her instantly after appearing in a soft drinks commercial, which paved the way for her entry to ABS-CBN via the weekly noontime program ASAP and the network's music channel MYX, where she became a regular VJ.

Trying her hand at acting, she appeared in Pangarap Na Bituin (2007) and played a small rolein One More Chance (2007).

Pursuing her first passion, she has so far released three studio albums, the latest of which is Somebody To Love, which was released in 2010 under Polyeast Records.

While doing all these, Nikki was also an English Literature student at the Ateneo De Manila University, where she graduated in 2009.

Yes, she has been busy, but has always found time for "my skin, oh, my goodness!"

Nikki, who will star in the 9 Works Theatrical production of Sweet Charity starting this August, explains why she is very particular about her skin, especially her face.

She tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "I've always been very sensitive when it comes to my skin because I'm an acne victim."

Like many teenagers, her self-esteem took a beating when pimples and acne started attacking her face.

The host-singer relates, "I was a victim of adolescent acne and it traumatized me for life because it came back right when I was getting into TV."

And though she had already overcome such phase, the 23-year-old Kapamilya star is not letting her guard down.

"I had to suffer acne and heal from it in full public view. So, I'm really very anal when it comes to skin care," she says.

BEAUTY SECRETS. To combat pimples and acne, Nikki has a few tried and tested beauty routines to share.

First, "What I do is when it's a good day and my skin's cooperating, I don't put na foundation."


Where did she learn about this?

"It's a Hollywood thing, e. I learned it from the States. They don't put concealer if there's nothing to conceal. So, if you have nice skin, wear it, 'di ba?"

Next, cleaning your face is a must.

"Addict ako maghilamos," the girlfriend of Billy Crawford says, smiling. "Like the thought of washing my face excites me. I find it very pleasurable."

It's one of the first things she does to start her day, and one of the last to end her night.

She continues, "I find it very fulfilling to wash my face when I wake up and at the end of the day."

But does she follow a particular regimen when it comes to skin cleansing?

"I [just] do the basics. I cleanse, I exfoliate, I tone, I moisturize, and that's it."

And what's her brand?

"I m really beginning to love Shiseido. They have this line called Pureness."

She relates that it was her "friend VJ Bianca Roque [of MYX channel]," who introduced the brand. "[She] told me it was made for teenage skin so medyo mild siya."

Then she goes on raving about the products she's been using, "I really like it. 'Pag gising mo ng umaga, you feel like a better person. So yun, that's what I use and some other medicines from my dermatologist."





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