Rocco Nacino tells Men's Health: "If mawala ako sa showbiz, I want to be a professional fighter!"


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When you say Rocco Nacino, he'sthe guy that placed "Second Prince" in the talent competition StarStruck.

But did you know that he almost turned his back on showbiz to become a mixed martial arts fighter?

"Namili ako kung ano talaga ang gusto ko," he tells Men's Health this July, sharing that the day before the announcement of StarStruck's Final 14, he had a competition that was crucial to his plans of being an MMA fighter.

He adds, "Tinabi ko yung MMA... Sigurado pagkatapos, bugbog yung mukha ko. I don't want to appear on screen na bugbog. And, if ever, baka mawala yung momentum ng career ko, and I really wanted to pursue showbiz."

Even as a child, Rocco has always wanted to be a star.

"First love ko talaga ang showbiz. My parents had videos of me performing. I had toys that I would transform into guitars and drums," he tells Men's Health. "Na-realize ko, when I watched these videos, mahilig talaga ako mag-perform."

But Rocco's love affair with sports—which started when he was a young boy growing up in Singapore—continues to this day.

Rocco shares, "If ever mawala ako sa show business, and I pray that I don't. I might think about becoming a professional fighter. I actually imagine myself, when I'm 60 or 70 years old, running, doing sports. I don't want to be an old man with a cane. I want to be fit. I still want to work out!"

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