Andi Eigenmann's pregnancy: hiatus or halt to blossoming career?


Will Andi Eigenmann's career survive, or as a poll comment goes, "Sayang"?

At the end of the poll that the PEP. ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) conducted regarding her then rumored, now confirmed pregnancy, Andi Eigenmann ends up shocking more than half of 617 voters.

Via the poll question "Anong reaksyon mo sa pregnancy rumor tungkol kay Andi Eigenmann?"

Alarmed by the issue are 56.89 % of the respondents, while 30.15% are apathetic and 12.97% "hope it's not true."

Below the poll is a lone comment from one mercy_30 as she states, "Sayang naman kasi sumisikat na siya, but its okay if its true, its a blessing naman, alagaan niya na lang kung sakali. God bless."

The remark captures a question people ought to ask now that Andi Eigenmann's pregnancy is out in the open: Will it be a hiatus or a permanent halt to her career?

Andi's career boasts primetime drama lead roles for ABS-CBN (Agua Bendita and Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin), endorsements for Pantene, Modess, Ponds and The Ramp, to name a few. She has awards under her belt too (Juicy's 2010 Most Promising Young Star and 58th FAMAS Awards' German Moreno Youth Achievement award).

Has the actress' pregnancy put her career in jeopardy?

Not necessariy. Andi seems to have gained the admiration of the public, her family, and her closest friends by courageously choosing to keep the baby.

Her parents, Jaclyn Jose and Mark Gil are supportive and proud of their daughter (CLICK HERE to read related stories).

She comes from a family of celebrities and thus will easily have access to the limelight.

The Eigenmann clan is behind Andi in full force. And Andi's friends in the business such as Megan Young have her back (CLICK HERE to read related story).

Even real estate executive/model Divine Lee has spoken highly of Andi upon getting to chat with her in Preview magazine's Best Dressed Ball wherein Andi, clad in a champagne gown, walked in with all elegance and sophistication (CLICK HERE to read related story).


In her Tumblr account Ms. Lee remarks, "So proud of this girl. She showed strength and maturity."

Andi is relatively young and still has the rest of her life to bounce back.

The courage and grace she has shown so far may be enough assurance that Andi will never see a bygone celebrity career.





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