Isabella Gonzalez ready to become a TV star


If given the chance, Isabella Gonzalez wants to work with Sam Milby whom she describes as "a good friend and a nice guy."

She's a Jill of all trades who knows how to sing, act, dance, and even write.

The name Isabella Gonzalez, to date, is still very much associated with Kuh Ledesma. "She's the daughter," people would say.

But given her numerous talents, Isabella—undoubtedly—will be able to find her place in showbiz.

"They say that everything is based on God's perfect timing so I'm sure that God [will] open up something in the future," she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during the launch of Estee Lauder's Pure Color collection.

At present, she's busy promoting shows and hosting corporate events.

And soon, "I can look into the future and throw a smile," shared IZ (her nickname).

Does this mean she's gonna be more visible on television?

Smiling, she answered, "Yeah."

But she cannot preempt what's about to happen, "I like to just surprise you na lang on what I am going to do."

When asked, "Which network?"

The theater actress-singer just said, "Well, let's just say I love my family, they're very close to my heart."

From singing, she may consider giving television acting a shot. And she doesn't have any specific role in mind.

"I'm open to just about anything, I know that when you play contravida, she has to have the heart, and she has to be vulnerable, so that people would see that she has the point. So if I do play contravida, I'd like her to be a contravida with the heart. But that's easy being said that done. Everyone wants to be the hero, di ba."

Given the chance she'd like to work with Mr. Pure Energy.

Isabella related, "I'd love to work with Tito Gary V. I really admire him and he really inspires me. Each time I see Tito Gary on stage, I feel that I want to be doing... I want to be inspiring people the way that he does, and I really admire him."


How about working with her mom?

"That would be wonderful!" she exclaimed. "I have an idea of a reality show for her."

And dream leading man?

"That's a tricky question to answer but Sam Milby would be my answer because he's a good friend of mine and he's a nice guy," Isabella replied simply.





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