FASHION SPOTLIGHT: Anne Curtis at the Philippine Fashion Ball


Anne Curtis wearing a black Rajo Laurel dress, Jul B. Dizon earrings and Chanel clutch purse at the first annual Philippine Fashion Ball.

Talk about being fashionably late.

Showtime host Anne Curtis arrived at the Manila Peninsula Hotel around ten o'clock in the evening last night, August 15, for the first annual Philippine Fashion Ball.

She was late, for a fact, because the program started around nine.

However, her arrival with boyfriend Erwan Heusaff certainly did not go unnoticed.

The 26-year old actress stunned onlookers with her daring Rajo Laurel cutout dress which, on its own, deserves a standing ovation!

It's quite hard to decide who or which—between Anne and her dress—is hotter.

For one, Anne looked gorgeous with her hair tied back in a slick ponytail.

Her face stayed fresh with very little makeup and just a pop of color from her ruby red lips, plus, a pair of black diamond earrings.

She had an aura about her that was simply inviting as she strode like a vamp inside the ballroom.

Her dress, on the other hand, stole much attention.

"Actually, Rajo just made this dress for me. He became my fairy godmother today," the actress told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and a bunch of other reporters eager to take a closer look.

The black gown had a turtle neckline and long sleeves. On an average dress, those would've hidden much of her skin in plain sight.

But the designer chose to use it otherwise as bases to hold up the mesh fabric.

The velvet parts left almost nothing to the imagination as her cleavage, parts of her tummy, the entire sides of her body (from underarm down to her legs), and her backside were all tastefully exposed.


"It's just so perfect kaya buti na lang Rajo was there to give me a dress for tonight," she said with a smile.

Anne also wore a pair of earrings from Jul B. Dizon and toted in one hand a white clutch purse from Chanel which completed her look.

Perhaps our best bet is to say that the hot black gown complemented Anne's natural sultry beauty.

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