John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles wish to have a baby boy


John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles are a picture of wedded bliss at the fifth Star Magic Ball last September 3 at the Manila Peninsula Hotel. After their much publicized wedding in February early this year, the couple has recently confirmed that there will be a new addition to their family soon. They are hoping to have a baby boy but John says that if they are blessed with a daughter, they'd be just as happy.

Last June 24, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) wrote a story on Priscilla Meirelles's suspected pregnancy. (CLICK HERE to read related article)

She said in the interview at Opus Bar for the Estee Lauder event that she had been feeling different and supposed that she might be eating for two.

Two months later, the former Miss Earth winner was finally able to confirm her suspicion.

At the fifth Star Magic Ball last September 3, Priscilla, glowing in her resort-inspired empire cut dress by Brazilian designer Rosa, happily told PEP about how she found out that she's pregnant.

She says, "I actually had a [pharmacy-bought] pregnancy test dito sa Pilipinas and laging negative yung test so akala ko hindi ako pregnant.

"Pero pagpunta ko sa Miami, and I was feeling weird still...and then with more things going on and not understanding what's going on with my body, I decided to take two more and parehong positive yung tests.


"So, yun, pregnant pala."

Now 14 weeks pregnant, Priscilla says she is happy but having a hard time adjusting to her new condition.

"Medyo mahirap siguro kasi first time. [But] I'm very blessed that I don't get sick as much like other women are throwing up, things like that.

"But it's quite hard because my body doesn't function well as before.

"I really feel very moody, I feel very weak, I don't have the energy to do the things that I used to do. I sleep a lot, I eat a lot [more].

"But now na naman that it's past three months already, I guess my body has adjusted with the changes. I'm getting better."

Most pregnant women get cravings during pregnancy especially during their first trimester. Did she crave for anything in particular?

"Minsan lang. Generally, I always want to eat salty food. I end up balancing it with sweets so I eat sugar. Aside from that, wala. Iba-iba, e."


DADDY-TO-BE. John Estrada, who escorted his wife that evening, also expressed his excitement about the new baby.

"Masaya. Masaya naman po. Masayang masaya," he kept repeating.

Earlier that evening, John declared that he and Priscilla are going to have a son. But he took that statement back, saying that is just his wish.

Does he prefer to have a son?

"Yes, we're hoping. But if it's a girl, we're happy just the same," says John.

Have they chosen a name for their new baby yet?

John answered, "Meron na but..."

"Surprise!" Priscilla exclaimed.

"Yeah. kasi baka gayahin ng iba," John smiled.

Are they planning to give birth here in Manila or in Priscilla's hometown in Brazil?

"Dito, oo naman. Ang anak namin ay magiging Pinoy na Pinoy tulad ng tatay niya," John quipped about the citizenship of his upcoming fifth child.

John already has four children with his ex-wife Janice de Belen—daughters Inah, Moira and Kaila; and son Yuan who served as junior best man at his wedding with Priscilla last February. (CLICK HERE to view related photo gallery)


How did his kids react when they found out that they're going to have a new sibling?

"Of course they're excited. Yung mga anak ko naman, ano yun, e, baby lovers. So [how much more yung] kapatid nila."


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