Jinkee Pacquiao tells Good Housekeeping: "Money isn't everything."


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The Pacquiaos clearly have it all.

While they definitely have no problem paying the bills on time, Jinkee Pacquiao admits in the September issue of Good Housekeepingwhichhappens to be a Money Special—that having a lot of money also has its drawbacks.

"Minsan, pag may problema na ako na mabigat talaga, minsan iniisip ko na sana naging simple na lang ang buhay," Jinkee confesses to editor-in-chief Tisha Angluben, "Kasi dati, minsan nag-aaway kami pagdating sa pera, na hindi dapat pag-awayan. Kasi pera lang 'yan, e, makikita mo naman 'yan pag magsikap ka. Kailangan pag-usapan, hindi kailangan pag-awayan."

Jinkee shares that regardless of their financial status now, she still teaches her four children—Jimwel, 10; Michael Stephen, nine; Princess, four; and Queen Elizabeth, two—the value of hard-earned money.

"Yung panganay ko rin kasi, ayaw niya matulog na hindi aircon. Sabi ko, hindi puwede yung ganun. May times talaga na kailangan masanay sa ganun, kahit walang aircon, huwag magrereklamo. Lalo na sa pagkain, kung ano yung nakahain, yun na," she says.

But even if Jinkee is strict with how the Pacqiuaos spend their money, she admits that it's okay to splurge every once in a while.

"Kung ano yung wala ako dati na gustong-gusto ko, halimbawa damit—kasi mahilig ako sa damit, yun yung madami ako ngayon. Parang iba na talaga," she says.

Jinkee also reveals that planning your expenses, saving as much as you can, and prioritizing your children's future are the best money tips she can share with Good Housekeeping readers.





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