Carlene Aguilar expects to give birth anytime soon


Carlene Aguilar and husband Yo Ocampo are excited to welcome a new addition to their handsome family. Their first baby together, Marcus, is due this week and his older brother, Calix, just can't wait to meet his new playmate.

Carlene Aguilar is about to give birth anytime this first week of October.

Unlike her first, this second pregnancy has been more of a physical struggle for the former beauty queen, especially during the first trimester.

"Nag-morning sickness at saka spotting din. Pero ngayon okay na," she told PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the baptismal party for Sherilyn Reyes's daughter last September 17 in Greenhills.

Carlene was one of the baby's godmothers.

She attended the special occasion with her non-showbiz husband Yo Ocampo and son Calix. Altogether, they looked like a picture-perfect family.

Carlene says her little trio (with a plus one on the way) is pretty much settled now. Her son Calix has gotten used to their unique setup.

His stepfather, Yo, is very hands-on in raising him. The moment he and Carlene started dating and eventually married in 2009, Daddy Yo has been there acting as a real father to Calix.


On the other hand, his biological father, actor Dennis Trillo, also comes to visit and spend time with him occasionally.

"Hindi naman siya nagtatanong," says Carlene. "Alam niya kasi na dalawa ang daddy niya."

Calix is also gradually adjusting to his eventual role as big brother to Marcus, his unborn little brother.

"Minsan parang nagseselos. Pero excited din siya," says Carlene about her four-year-old who seems to have the first born child syndrome.

Psychiatrists recognize this condition wherein first born children feel somewhat threatened by the impending birth of a new sibling.

In many cases, kids would act up because they feel that they are losing the attention and love of their parents to the new baby.

However, Carlene is making sure that this doesn't happen to her son.

"Ine-explain namin sa kanya na dalawa na silang baby."

Thankfully, she's noticed positive behavioral response from Calix, who seems to interact well with other kids.


At the party, he was all over the place playing with the other guests' children—a sign that he would gladly welcome a new playmate in his brother, and unselfishly share the love, time and attention that he has been getting from his doting parents.

"He always asks me kung kelan daw lalabas si Marcus.

"Tapos gusto na daw niyang makipaglaro sa kanya. Tapos ishe-share daw niya ang mga toys niya."

Like Calix, Carlene is looking forward to see her two sons grow up together and get along well.

"Of course, we will make sure na magiging close sila."


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