Dimples Romana hopes to dabble in directing someday


Dimples Romana has recently starred in hit teleseryes like ABS-CBN's Agua Bendita and Mara Clara. While she continues to hone her acting prowess, she also keeps tabs on the many directorial tips she gets from her directors. "I have very generous directors. I've been working with the best lately. And I'm very grateful because I get inputs every now and then. And tinatandaan ko 'yon, hindi lang nila alam," she quips.

Dimples Romana is on a roll.

After taking on mother roles in two hit teleseryes, Agua Bendita and Mara Clara, she recently returned as a hurado (judge) in the daytime variety program Showtime.

She temporarily bade goodbye to the show to focus on her Mara Clara stint in mid-2010.

At the opening of Chic Nails Spa in Quezon City last September 12, Dimples was excited to share with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) her other upcoming projects and other things keeping her busy these days.

"I'm doing a weekly show but confidential pa.

"Soap opera, wala pa naman. Hopefully, mga end of this year I'll start again."

While on a break from the hectic schedule of working on a teleserye, Dimples is currently busy manning her photo studio business, Red Digital, with her husband Boyet Ahmee.

In fact, it was the reason why she got into hosting the weekly business show Kabuhayang Swak Na Swak (also on ABS-CBN), which is an addition to her work lineup.

"My husband and I, we have a photo studio in the house. So, that's were it started.

"They featured us and then, eventually, they had to come look for a new female host; because Ate Tintin (Christine Bersola-Babao) had to move on to bigger projects."

Dimples calls her new hosting job as a refresher.

"Para rin lang iba rin yung nakikita nila during the weekend. Especially 'pag nag-start na ko ng bagong soap. Alam mo naman, sa soap, either umiiyak ako or super duper drama. So, maganda rin na meron akong refresher."

ON READING TO DIRECTING. Dimples also revealed how much she enjoys unwinding with a good book.

"I read books a lot. I'm a very boring person," she quips.

Among her favorites are novels by renowned writers Paulo Coelho and several biographies on the lives of famous celebrities.


"The recent one I read was of William and Kate (Duke William and Duchess Catherine of Cambridge)—the official one.

"What else do I like? Mitch Albom. Really the typical nice, feel good books like that.

"Plus yung movies, yung mga na-tu-turn into movies. I like to read them a lot. I have quite a few [favorites]."

This fascination with novel-to-film stories translates one of Dimples' biggest dreams for her career.

"You know, I'd like to explore...mga 15 to 20 years from now, I'd like to direct. That's something I really would want to do," she says.

While she's focusing on honing her acting skills for the time being, the hands-on mom (she has a seven-year-old daughter named Callie) says she'd like to take formal courses on TV and film directing in the future.

"Kasi ang pagdi-direct, siyempre napaka-complex na trabaho niyan. Napaka technical.

"Ngayon, I'm really mastering my craft first as an actor, and then maybe, in the future [I would enroll in classes].

"Yes, I would love to [take classes]. But now pa lang, I have very generous directors.

"I've been working with the best lately. And I'm very grateful because I get inputs every now and then. And tinatandaan ko 'yon, hindi lang nila alam."

Does she already have an idea as to what kinds of stories she wants to direct in the future?

"You know, I really have no idea yet. I guess, right now, I'm just enjoying the fact that I'm doing different kinds of media.

"Hindi ko pa kasi naabot yung gano'ng klase ng thinking na, kung ano'ng gusto kong i-direct. But most likely, stuff that I will also want to do as an actor.

"Siyempre, 'di mo rin naman gustong i-direct ang isang bagay na hindi ko rin naman kayang gawin.

"So, kung ano rin talaga yung ni-linyahan ko for the past years, siguro, if I were to direct in the future, malamang gano'n din yung gusto ko—mga projects na gugustuhin kong i-direct."






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