Nadine Samonte plans to go full speed with kart racing


Who would've thought that the sweet-looking Nadine Samonte is into masculine sports? Nadine shares her passion for kart racing and admiration for Formula One racer Michael Schumacher.

Nadine Samonte is one pretty young actress, no doubt about that.

Onscreen, the Sa Ngalan Ng Ina star looks very delicate and demure— traits that you wouldn't mistake for someone with a boyish streak.

But in a previous interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the Blackberry 7 event in Makati on September 26, Nadine mentioned how much she enjoys dabbling more in masculine sports and hobbies during her spare time. (CLICK HERE to read related article)

"Ako kasi yung girl na makikita mo as girly," she says.

"Pero behind me, I love boy stuff.

"I love shooting. I love karting. Gano'n. More on gano'n ako, e."

Karting, or open kart racing, much like any other motor sport, is mostly dominated by male players and fans.

It is considered as the most basic and efficient way to introduce motor racing to any driver.

It uses a low-riding vehicle (the driver's seat is almost on the ground) that is very easy to operate and maneuver.

That is probably the reason why a seemingly fragile girl like Nadine easily got hooked on the sport.

However, it isn't surprising to hear about women getting into other forms of racing.

Former Pinoy Big Brother celebrity housemate Gaby Dela Merced is one of the country's top Formula Three racers—an unlikely title for a very alluring young lass.

Nadine couldn't tell exactly when her penchant for kart racing began.

All she knows is that, "Ever since, mahilig na ako sa mga cars, racing, yung mga parang gano'n.

"Dream ko nga yung ano, e, yung parang mapasama ako dun sa mga [nag-ra-racing]."

The self-confessed "adventurous and adrenaline hungry" actress certainly plans on fueling that passion of hers.

Whenever she can find time, Nadine would practice at an enclosed race track at The Fort, Taguig.

"I go there minsan once a week," she says, with a wide-eyed smile. It's as if she's already anticipating her next trip to the track.


In the future, Nadine hopes to be able to train professionally and eventually get into bigger racing sports.

"Why not, 'di ba? Dream ko talaga 'yon, e," she exclaimed during the interview.

Aside from that, she also hopes to see her racing idol, German Formula One (F1) racer Michael Schumacher, in action.

"Inaabangan ko meron daw sa Monte Carlo sa France. 'Di ko alam kung kelan pero sana makapanood ako."

The next race in Monte Carlo, France, better known as the Monaco Grand Prix, is scheduled on May 2012.





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