Lady Gaga taps Filipino designers for new single's artwork


Lady Gaga wears sculpted black body armor by fashion designer Kermit Tesoro and sculptor Leeroy New on the cover artwork of her latest single "Marry The Night." She also wears a pair of knee-high boots from Christian Louboutin.

On October 18, international pop sensation Lady Gaga revealed, through her official Facebook page, the cover artwork for her latest single, "Marry The Night."

The photo was reposted by model, host, and celebrity blogger Divine Lee on her website. She exclaimed "Pinoy Pride" as it featured the collaborative work of two local talents.

Young fashion designer Kermit Tesoro and sculptor Leeroy New were responsible for the customized black rubber body armor worn by the international pop star.

Tesoro and New have been working together for quite some time now. In 2010, they released a collaborative collection of outstanding pieces using non-fabric materials such as plaster of Paris, nylon, glass, rubber, and metal.

Lee yarned in her blog how the piece flew from Manila to the arms of Nicola Fomichetti, Lady Gaga's House of Gaga fashion director.

"I picked up that piece, well yung drivam [driver] ko, sa balur [house] ni LEEROY while KERMIT is there.

"We picked it up had my friend na FA [flight attendant] bring it to NYC [New York City], V's [Victor Basa, Lee's boyfriend] sister picked it up. And brought it to Nicola.

"Then from there, House of Gaga made some alterations. KERMIT didn't touch that piece from the day [pick-up] nang driver sa house."

Prior to the commissioned work, Formichetti curated a collection of Lady Gaga-inspired pieces sometime in June this year.

The collection—which included Tesoro's famous heel-less shoes—went on sale in the fashion website, Gilt.

In her blog entry about the collection, Lee boldly predicted, "I'm so sure, it's not very long til we see LADY GAGA wearing KERMIT TESORO!"

True enough, four months later, Lady Gaga wears Kermit x Leeroy.





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