Megan Young proud of good friend Andi Eigenmann for keeping her baby


Megan Young is one of Andi Eigenmann's closest showbiz friends. She says that she's proud of her friend for deciding to keep her baby despite all odds.

Ever since news broke out about Andi Eigenmann's pregnancy, the young actress has kept mum about her situation.

Except for her tweet on June 30 where she made a vague statement about the identity of her child's father, Andi has not posted anything new on her Twitter account. (CLICK HERE to read related article.)

At the Topshop/Topman anniversary party in Opus Bar last night, July 7, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with Megan Young—one of Andi's closest friends in showbiz.

The Channel V Philippines VJ was kind enough to talk about her friend.

"She's good," says Megan about Andi's current disposition.

"All I could say is she's doing pretty good. She's really happy now.

"You know, she's the same Andi as always. I mean, she's just the same, walang nagbago sa kanya."

She refused to give further details about Andi's pregnancy, but Megan says Andi is now focused on preparing for the baby.

Has Andi started shopping items for the baby's needs?

"I don't know, pero gusto sana namin kami na yung mag-shopping [for her]," says Megan, who seemed excited at the thought of buying things for Andi and her baby.

"We'll have like a fashionista mama wardrobe prepared for her."

Megan says that she and the rest of their barkada are all fully supportive of Andi's decision to keep and raise her baby despite all odds.

"Ever since from the start naman. We're always gonna be there for her. That's what friends are for naman," she says.

Megan also admitted that she'll be very honored if Andi asks her to be her baby's godmother.

"Of course. Andi's a close friend of mine and I would love it. I'd love to be a ninang."





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