Rovilson Fernandez describes his perfect match as a lady with a "wicked sense of humor"


Rovilson Fernandez's perfect match has to be active, family-oriented, and "she has to make me laugh."

The guy takes care of Mother Earth. He's also into health and wellness. But who is taking care of Rovilson Fernandez's heart?

"Emmanuel Chriqui is not returning my calls. I don't know why. It was a very good breakup. But yeah, the girl on Entourage," he quipped.

Turning serious, he said: "So right now, no one is. I fancy a lot of phenomenal women in this country, but I just don't have the time right now."

Asked to describe his perfect match, Rovilson smiled before saying: "She has to have a wicked sense of humor. A phenomenal sense of humor.

"Someone who likes to be active. Family-oriented. And her laugh has to...

"Yung she'd snort, someone who doesn't care, uninhibited, unhinged."

We asked what his favorite place in the Philippines is and whom he would take there.

"Can I be cheesy? Because I've been around the country a lot. [It's] gorgeous, so every single place."


What if that favorite place were taken away from him, what would he do, where would he go?

"Every Sunday, when there's a race, I like to go to the finish line and hang out, sit on the curb and watch people as they run the last 100 yards, 100 meters.

"I sit there for those who come in after me, I encourage them. I'm the biggest cheerleader I know! It makes me so happy to see people run and finish, doing something they thought they could never do."

The guy is in love with running.

He said when he first started running, he needed someone at the finish line to encourage and push him.

"That's my favorite spot.

"And it's not a specific place, it could be anywhere, it could be in Cebu..."

He raves about his favorite city.

"Cebu has everything. There's the beach, the city, and the people are phenomenal. They have the nicest people in the Philippines, hands down."


And since his mom has never been to Cebu, he'd like to take her there. They both love to eat so they'd have a grand food trip.

"Nothing fancy-schmancy, we would stay outdoors, [wear] tsinelas and shorts, and eat from pandan leaves or banana leaves... the real Filipino experience which is very hard to find here in Manila. In [Cebu], you get the best of both worlds."


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