Stars and their tweets: A right or a rant?


To date, Anne Curtis has 1,943,989 followers on Twitter, where she posts her activities and thoughts—including her rants.

It all began on Twitter.

Remember how Kris Aquino "tweeted" her marital woes before admitting on national TV that her marriage to James Yap was over?

How about Angel Locsin getting a "tweet" from Phil Younghusband, asking her to go out on Valentine's Day?

And who can forget the "cheater tweet" of Albie CasiƱo that elicited a strong reaction from then-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann?

The five-year-old microblogging site founded by Jack Dorsey also figured prominently in the feud between Claudine Barretto and Angelica Panganiban.

Of late, the tirades between Annabelle Rama and Nadia Montenegro have become a hot topic among tweeters.

IS IT A RIGHT? These days, a showbiz scoop is usually just a tweet away.

Mo Twister, who recently announced his hiatus from showbiz, appreciates its importance and said in one interview, "Twitter ko is my press."

His posts about "abortion" and personal stuff had some PEPsters tagging Mo Twister as "tsismoso."

But majority of the readers who voted in the poll posted last November 25 said, "It's his right."

Anne Curtis, however, did not get this much support when she unwittingly ignited a war between Kapuso and Kapamilya fans after tweeting:

"Thomasians, I'm sorry I had to leave na. I tried to at least get up on stage and say hi kahit 2 minutes lang but GMA staff didn't want.

"Thomasians, I was there on the left side of the stage & told them kahit d na ako kumanta babati Lang ng Hi and Hello but GMA Staff said no..."

With almost 2,000,000 followers, her rants almost started a Twitter war.

Most PEPsters, however, deemed it "an impulsive" move. "Wala siya sa lugar," was the stand of about 52% of the PEPsters, while 32.8% said "May punto siya."

THE PULSE. One real danger of Twitter lies in the freedom it gives people to post anything, anytime.


Of course, everyone has the right to express himself/herself freely.

But the stars, as public figures, should always remember that their tweets matter to people. They can inspire. The can persuade. They can be talked about. They can cause a controversy.

Lastly, they can be quoted...and retweeted!





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