Meg Imperial says she won't undergo cosmetic surgery anytime soon


Meg Imperial may be starring in a TV show that openly approves of cosmetic surgery, but she is one actress who's hesitant having one done on herself. Aside from missing out on work resulting from the procedure, she's also scared of being judged by people who will never understand her reasons why she went through with such a decision.

With her busy work schedule plus all the Christmas and New Year parties in the last couple of months, Meg Imperial said it became hard for her to maintain her 24-inch waistline.

In an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on January 6, the Glamorosa star revealed that her waist now measures 25 inches; but she promises to get back into shape this year.

"Ngayon po, New Year's resolution ko talaga is alagaan iyong sarili ko.

"Sabi ko kailangan mag-24 ako para puwede na akong kumain ulit."

The teen actress, who is celebrating her 19th birthday on January 20, is currently on a diet.

"Inuumpisahan ko na puro fruits po muna ako and more water para hindi naman ma-dehydrate iyong katawan ko."

She's also eating less carbohydrate-heavy foods nowadays such as rice, pasta, and bread.

Although she considers her 25-inch waistline an "okay" size, she still prefers to keep a smaller frame.

"Medyo nahihirapan po ako kapag nakikita ko iyong face ko sa TV, chubby, so parang hindi po ako komportable sa sarili ko.

"Parang nawawala iyong confidence ko.

"Kapag feeling ko ang taba taba ko, doon po iyong point ko na parang hindi ako maka-focus.

"Kasi kapag chubby ako, feeling ko ang pangit ko.

"Like sa face ko, wala akong confidence sa sarili ko na i-ganoon iyong hair ko, like itali sa taping, kasi nakikita iyong shape na talagang bumilog talaga siya.

"E, parang kapag sa TV lumalapad lalo, so tinatago ko [gamit ang buhok]."

As a TV personality, Meg feels the importance of staying fit and looking good for her audience at all times, especially that she plays a pretty fashionista character on the show.

She feels it is her duty to make the viewers focus on her performance and the content of the show rather than be distracted by her appearance.


"Parang ano, iyong hindi ko ma-explore ang sarili ko, hindi ko magamit iyong sarili kong style ng fashion kasi nga may itinatago ako.

"So doon nababawasan ang confidence ko."

In Glamorosa, the main characters are immersed in the cosmetic surgery industry.

Its lead stars Lorna Tolentino and Alice Dixson play roles of warring beauty moguls.

In light of the show's theme, we asked Meg if she has had a cosmetic procedure on herself.

She says she has never gone under the knife.

However, she gets her facials and RF treatments done regularly.

RF or radio frequency treatment is a non-invasive procedure that has a slimming effect on the patient.

The procedure uses a machine with a scanner-like attachment that you see in department store beauty counters.

This "scanner" is directed to the body part that is being toned and it emits radio frequencies that blast out accumulated fat.

Meg says she feels safer with these kinds of treatments rather than having surgery performed on her.

"Wala pa naman yung medyo physical pa kasi parang natatakot din ako.

"Kasi siyempre, kailangan mo mag-break no'n, like for how many days, so mababawasan ang work.

"So siguro saka na lang po. Alaga na lang sa sarili din saka maintenance."

But she is not completely closing her doors to having cosmetic surgery done in the future.

"For now po, wala pa.

"Pero siguro po if... titingnan po natin kung kailangan talaga na parang, may magsabi na [kailangan ko na], na lahat na sila sinasabi ganoon, so iyon po.

"Or siguro po kapag na-frustrate na po ako [sa sarili ko]."

Isn't she scared that she might get judged by the public for her decision?

"Kapag sa ibang bansa very open po sila, pero kapag dito po very ano sila e, na parang iyon na po iyong topic nila sa industry.


"Kapag nagpa-[cosmetic surgery] ka, 'Ay, hindi naman na natural iyan.'

"So iyon din po iyong nakakatakot na makarinig din po ako ng comment, like, 'Ay, hindi naman iyan ano... pangit naman talaga siya,' parang ganoon.

"Siyempre masakit po iyon sa part ko, lalo na sa mom ko, na iyon iyong maririnig nila about me.

"So, hindi na po muna."





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