Laughter is Joey Mead's secret to looking young even in her late 30s


Since Joey Mead's name was introduced to the local fashion scene in the 90s, not much has changed—just look at her!

When asked about her secret to looking young, the model answered, "Laughter."

Guess how old Joey Mead is? Judging by her looks, she's maybe somewhere in her late 20s .

But would you believe that this model and former VJ is only a few years shy from turning 40?

She was hesitant to talk about her age when (Philippine Entertainment Portal) got to interview her at the Clinique cosmetics launch party in White Space, Makati, on January 19.

But she smiled when we told her she doesn't look it at all—with her face devoid of noticeable fine lines and her body showing no trace of fat.

Her looks, she said, is due to her good disposition in life.

The Filipina-Iranian beauty elaborated, "You know what? Some life experiences really throw your curves as they do. It depends on how you manage those curves.

"I just realized, laughter, I know it sounds cliché, but if I laugh more at situations, I feel like I lessen the wrinkles...and your energy, and your overall looks will be younger."


Her philosophy has a scientific explanation. As stated in a New York Times aticle, laughing reduces "stress hormones, such as cortisol and epinephrine," and "boosts the mmune system."

Joey added, "It's not trying to take things to heart. It's not really about trying to be sensitive anymore.

"So all those young [people in their] 20's who are jealous over boyfriends and wasting time over negativities, believe me, you'll thank yourself in your 30s if you laugh more often now about it."

As for her daily regimen, Joey only sticks to the basics.

Before going to bed every night, she makes sure that her face is clean.

"I just wash my face—I use Ponds—I use the facial wash, and I tone, and then moisturizer, that's it.

"I just do facials and diamond peels every month and then tapos na."

Before leaving her house, Joey uses day creams with SPF or (Sun Protection Factor).


"I always use SP whether it's...even if its raining. I just use it for protection, because even if it's not really hot, you can still get damaged by the sun.

"And I love the sun! But now I'm more conscious of it.

"In my 20s, I wouldn't care, [but now in] my 30s, I'm caring."

To maintain her figure, Joey exercises regularly.

"I do bar, I do a lot of exercise.

"I don't do weights, just a lot of yoga and bar [exercises]."

When asked if she had any cosmetic procedure done to stay young, she answered, "No, I haven't done any injections, no nothing.

"And I'm hoping my genetics will see me through even until my 50s."





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