Danielle Castaño: the sporty lady


Danielle Castaño on running: "I love it! Every time I run, I feel na parang stress free ako and nakakalimutan ko 'yong mga problems ko."

Four years after bagging the Bb. Pilipinas-World crown, Danielle Castaño's vital statistics remain 34-24 ½-36.

During her pocket interview on February 9 as one of the cover girls of FHM Philippines, she says her figure is a product of discipline.

DIET. On a usual day, she prefers to eat salad.

But to prepare for her sexy pictorial, Danielle had to "detoxify" two weeks before the shoot.

She tells PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "I was eating vegetables for two weeks.

"Coz they told me like two weeks before...one and a half week before the shoot.

"'Tapos I cut down my chicken, fish, talagang ano lang, parang I was in detox for a while."

SPORTS. To stay fit, the VIVA talent engages herself into various sports: boxing, swimming, and running.

The latter is her first love, "I'm actually a runner. I always run every week. I do the races. I do 16 K [kilometer run]."

Back in high school, she was a varsity player for track and field and cross country—where "people run a race on 4 to 12-kilometer open-air courses over natural terrain."

Danielle relates, "Sa States, I was a varsity po.

"I do the 800 meter, and I did the 400 din. I did the one mile, that's for the track and field. Then sa Cross Country, we run three miles every meet, every game namin.

"Once a week we compete. Then we run 48 miles a week for the girls, and 52 miles for the guys, that's when I was in high school."

This beauty queen doesn't mind having muscles on her legs.

Smiling, she say, "Kaya nga malaki 'yong lower [body] part ko dahil sa kakatakbo.

"But I mean I love it!

"Every time I run I feel na parang stress free ako and nakakalimutan ko 'yong mga problems ko."





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