Alice Dixson runs at least 12 kms a week to stay in top form

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Alice Dixson says her husband "is into several businesses," which include "distributing the gigapixel camera or gigacam" developed by NASA.

To lose weight, Alice Dixson's way is to sweat it off.

The former beauty queen believes in leading an active lifestyle, so whenever she has the time, she either runs or goes biking, plays badminton or does hot yoga.

But how does the sweat help?

According to, "Sweating is a way for the body to control its temperature. It is your body’s airconditioner. By keeping you cool, the sweat allows you to train harder and longer. The result: you burn more fat."

The actress runs 12 kilometers a week.

She tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "It can be two days a week, three days a week, four days a week, basta, I do at least 12 kilometers in a week."

She does hot yoga, which is defined by Wikipedia as "yoga exercises performed under hot and humid conditions," once a week "kapag sinisipag ako."

Plus, she also bikes, and plays badminton with friends on weekends.

Though her current weight is just right for her age and height, "gusto ko, mas payat pa because for TV, you have to be a little thinner, di ba..."

Her goal: to lose six pounds.

BEAUTY ROUTINE. Another reason why she likes to sweat "at least once a day" is because it helps clean pores.

"Just don't forget to wash your face after, siyempre," says Alice.

Of course, she's also into the tried and tested rituals, like washing her face, removing her make-up, and drinking water.

Another must for her: "Huwag masyadong magpuyat."


So as often as possible, her tapings finish early.

Alice says,"Hindi na ako ganun mag-work. Hindi ko na kaya, matanda na ’ko, e."

Her words of wisdom: Stay happy.

Though long-distance relationships do not work for most couples, Alice does not see it as a hurdle.

Her husband is based in Canada so they call and text a lot.

"Magastos!" we exclaim.

Smiling, she replies, "Maliit na bagay lang iyan para sa love mo. The time you spend with somebody is priceless, so you can’t put a monetary value on family."





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