Earth Hour: Night of lights and shadows

IMAGE Joyce Jimenez

Candle lights glowed as power was turned off for the annual Earth Hour celebration last March 31, at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City. WWF-Philippines Ambassador Rovilson Fernandez hosted the “switch-off ceremony” in Makati.

Who said saving Mother Earth will be this fun?

The World Wide Fund-Philippines celebrated the annual Earth Hour event here in our country last March 31 at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City.

It was hosted by Rovilson Fernandez, one of WWF-Philippines' Ambassadors, together with 2006 Miss Earth Philippines Cathy Untalan.

Earth Hour was simultaneously held in Cebu and Davao, hosted by the other WWF-Philippines Ambassador, Marc Nelson.

LIGHTS AND SOUNDS. As everyone that night waited for 8:30 p.m. to strike, the crowd was awed by the performances of different schools in Makati and other popular groups.

The students showcased their talents as they encouraged everyone to stand up for Mother Earth and take care of its natural resources and inhabitants.

After almost an hour of entertaining acts, the crowd joined the 10-second countdown to 8:30.

Rovilson and Cathy, together with Earth Hour founder Andy Ridley, WWF Vice chair and CEO Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan and representatives from different business and local sectors lead the “switch-off ceremony.”


When the lights turned off, the people greeted each other, “Happy Earth Hour!” while lighting their candles.

On getting up the stage again, Rovilson couldn’t help but admire the beautiful glow that the lighted candles made. He called out, “If you’re holding a candle in the dark for Earth Hour, raise your candle!”

The fun continued as the “glow in the dark” dance troupes—El Gamma Penumbra, Bailes de Luces, and Caracol Festival Dancers—kept the people gushing “Wow!” “Amazing!” and “Ang galing!” through the dancers' playful light-and-shadow performances.

“Eco-warrior” Chris Tiu attended the event to encourage everyone to join the cause and fight against illegal actions that harm the environment.

He made an “I Will If You Will” pledge, saying, “If we receive 5,000 reports [of environment-damaging actions] in our website, I will perform a song number— for the first time— wearing a panda suit.”

When the lights were switched on again, Rovilson and Cathy thanked everyone who participated in the Earth Hour Celebration, which ended with a performance by Banda Kawayan.


People felt proud of themselves, knowing that at least for one hour they were able to save our planet.


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