TREND:Walang Hanggan's Infinity ring for couples


Coco Martin and Julia Montes wear the Infinity Ring (inset) as a symbol of their undying love for each other.

The latest fad for couples was introduced by Coco Martin and Julia Montes in ABS-CBN's currently-running soap Walang Hanggan.

Have you seen the ring that Daniel Guidotti gave Katarina Alcantara?

It bears the symbol of infinity, which, in ancient India and Tibet, meant "perfection, dualism, and unity beween male and female."

Others simply call it a love-knot ring, which is now going head to head with eternity ring—that feature stones (usually diamonds) encompassing the outside of the ring all the way around—in terms of popularity.

The ring was designed by Karat World, which now sells it in 14-karat solid yellow gold, 14-karat solid white gold, and silver 925. All versions have an infinity marking inside to indicate its authenticity and a 585-stamping to signify its gold purity.

This means that you too can now show your love that's "walang hanggan" the Coco-Julia style.


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