Anne Curtis, the "Lipstick Monster," gives tips on wearing lip color

IMAGE Noel Orsal

You, too, can have luscious lips like Anne Curtis! Just follow these simple steps: Don’t always go for what’s trendy, explore various colors, find the shade you’re comfortable in, love it, and make it your trademark.

When international brand Avon launched its new Shine Attract lipstick line in an event last April 19 in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, it was no surprise to see Anne Curtis endorsing the product.

Anne has always been known for her sexy pout that earned for her the label, “Angelina Jolie of the Philippines.”

The girl is also a self-confessed “lipstick monster.”

“Yes, I am a lipstick monster! I love lipstick, of course, which isn’t a secret to anyone.

“All my followers, friends, they all know how much I love lipstick,” she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) after the event.

The It's Showtime host considers lipstick an essential part of her wardrobe.

"Lipstick can jazz up your look. I think it adds shine to your life.

"It sounds like a cliche, but it gives that extra oomph to your lips. It can even change your look.”

ANNE’S LIP TIPS. Given her passion for lipstick, we asked Anne for some lip tips.


Her number one rule: "Always have two shades of lipstick in your purse.

“One for the evening and one for everyday purposes,” she says.

"For daytime, wear lighter shades with a subtle coloring effect on the lips. Darker, bolder shades are better worn at night."

How do you find the right lipstick color?

Anne suggested, “Don’t go for something trendy; go for what you feel comfortable in.

“Just go and try everything. It won’t hurt trying on several different shades until you find one that's right for you.

“Once you find your perfect shade, fall in love with it and make it your trademark.”

Anne, of course, is famous for wearing a “passionate red” lip color.

How did she come up with her trademark shade?

“My mom was the first one who introduced me to red. That was her choice of lipstick in the past.

“She never wore any other color, but her red was a lot darker than my choice, which is a bit ‘passionate’ like the color itself.


“She chose [a darker red] which was right for her [morena] skin type.”

Anne was only 12 years old when she started modeling and acting. At this early age, she was already experimenting with lip color.

But the right age to start wearing lipstick is somewhere around 15, she said.

Her color suggestions for teens? Pop colors.

“They’re the perfect shades to wear for that age.

“I think you should go for darker shades when you’re already a woman.”


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