Solenn Heusaff is a certified beach babe

IMAGE Sean Baluyut

Solenn's favorite summer was going on a cruise with her whole family from Tahiti to France.

French-Filipina beauty Solenn Heusaff loves to spend summer at the beach. Who wouldn’t with that gorgeous body?

“I’m more of a beach person than a city person,” she shares.

“So I’m usually on a beach, but I’m really game for anything and I really love visiting new countries.”

No wonder. Solenn’s most memorable summer was when she traveled across the Pacific ocean all the way to Europe.

“It might just have be to be my 17th birthday.”

“When I used to be still in school before, summer for the French is always July.”

The Boy Pick-up leading lady grew up in the Philippines but she went to a French school here. It was only in college that she got to study in Paris.

“So my birthday is July, so we always go to different countries and for my 17th birthday…we did we did like a mini world tour.”

The 26 year-old actress celebrates her birthday on July 20.

Solenn said that it was the first time that her whole family went on a vacation which lasted for a month and a half.

“So we went on a cruise ship in Tahiti and then we visited all the islands there, then we did Hawaii, then New Zealand, Canada, and France.”

“That would be my most memorable summer.”

Her dream destinations reveal that this babe is a certified adventurer.

“Greece, Croatia, and Tibet are three countries that I want to go for the next two years.”





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