Victor Basa shares his top shopping tips

IMAGE GA Granali

Two things on Victor Basa’s shopping book: One, find a convenient one-stop shop; two, opt for budget stores rather than high-end brands.

Victor Basa sounded like the fashion geek that he is when he was interviewed by (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on April 28 at the Cosmopolitan magazine and Watsons Switch & Save event held at the SM Megamall Activity area.

The model/actor turned photographer and fashion columnist was recently launched as one of the brand’s ambassadors promoting the art of practical shopping.

While most people are still stuck on the stereotype that shopping is solely a woman’s hobby, Victor thinks it’s an “art form” that men have to learn too.

“We should all be practical shoppers,” he says.

“Usually you get your stuff from all over, so ang nangyayari iyong transportation mo from point A to point B, siyempre the costs add up.

“And then, siyempre, the time din, you eat up time kasi usually, like me, when I’m in the store, I try to be as [meticulous] as I can with the products that I buy.”

Victor’s number one shopping advice: Find a store that offers everything you need.

“That way it saves you time, saves money, plus iyong effort mo.”

He also suggests going to budget-friendly stores that offer products similar to those in high-end shops.

The quality is usually the same as the original but for only a fraction of the price.

His favorite shop is obviously stated above, but what is his best purchase from the store so far?

“Iyong breath mints nila kasi mura at effective.

“That’s important for me kasi, for example, nakaidlip ka sa kotse [enroute to an event] and siyempre your breath is not as nice-smelling.

“So, iyon lang [ang kainin mo], parang amoy nag-toothbrush ka na.”





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