Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball: anti-Christ or not?

IMAGE Mike Caliwara

"Nothing that can possibly block the message between you and me. It's amazing that music is universal," says Lady Gaga during the second night of her Born This Way Ball held on May 23, at the world-class Mall of Asia Arena.


This was what the little monsters, Lady Gaga's fans, felt after the protests of Christian youth got overshadowed by the approbation received by the Born This Way Ball of Lady Gaga.

Talking about the production value, the controversial singer's concert was indeed beyond expectation.

She brought in the larger-than-life Kingdom of Fame. She impressed the Pinoys with well-choreographed numbers. She wowed the huge crowd with her voice, earning "magaling pala talaga siyang kumanta" praises from some curious spectators.

In short, she came prepared to the battle, and armed herself with bravery and bullets.

Not minding her critics, she uttered the F word several times, and went as far as saying, "So I have a question for you, when it comes to your freedom, do you give a f*ck?"

Her fans yelled "Yeah!!!" feeling so empowered.

She used guns and bullets on her bra, belt, and keyboard, but underscored hating violence, which— according to her— "takes many forms."

Her fans found her bluntness all the more endearing.

Lady Gaga knows her little monsters so well. She knows their fears and insecurities. She knows how to make them feel better.

She is no doubt a powerful gay icon of this generation, and one of the most influential women.

Was her concert anti-Christ or not?

She said she was just expressing herself and using metaphors.

Before singing the controversial "Judas," she said, "By the time this is over, some of you will be with me forever... But some of you will betray me."


Her almost two-hour show was not just purely singing and dancing, it was also acting out her angts and her fans' sentiments.

"I have infiltrated your city to tell you that I am you. I am all your hopes. I am your dreams..." she said.

She may have sounded messianic, but her die-hard supporters believed her.

If only, "Sana lang, anak, gamitin ng idolo mo yung impuwensiya niya sa mabuti..." one of the parents retorted.

By now, she's already getting ready for her concert in Bangkok, Thailand.

Come June 3, she'll fly to Indonesia, where her sold-out concert was supposedly cancelled.

She said during the second night of her concert at the Mall of Asia Arena, "Today, I heard on the news that if I go to Jakarta, I'll get shot. F*ckin' sh*t!

"If I get jailed, Beyonce will bail me out..."

Let's wait and see if, just like here in Manila, the Mother Monster will be vindicated in Jakarta.





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