Daphne Oseña-Paez says of her ‘amazing’ husband: “… the way he got me all figured out, parang wow, nakakakilig.”

IMAGE Allan Sancon

TV host Daphne Oseña-Paez and her husband, TV5 News executive Patrick Paez, recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. Daphne shares, “The secret of being together for 10 years is to not talk about it. We don’t have a formula. We just go day-by-day and prioritize our family.”

TV personality Daphne Oseña-Paez shed tears of joy when she saw a video clip of her husband Patrick Paez praising her as a wife and mother.

The TV5 News executive said Daphne is a “Perfect 10” in that interview, which was shown during the product launch of Vaseline’s newest whitening and anti-aging lotion recently.

It’s a surprise for the TV host because even though she and her husband are both working in the media, they still keep their relationship private.

“In our relationship, we’ve never had a public display of affection,” Daphne told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) when asked about her thoughts in seeing her husband on the video.

The Urban Zone producer-host continued, “It was a conscious decision that we would not be a ‘public couple’ because, you know, we’re both in media—I’m a TV host and he’s also a TV host and a producer and he runs a news network—but we both have our own things.


“We just don’t want to be out in the open and we’re very protective of our home and our family.

“So, we always avoided coming out on, you know, magazine covers and things like that.

“Then, I see this! And it wasn’t just a video clip, not a video clip. It was like a documentary!

“So, I was really emotional because he has never done that and it’s our 10th wedding anniversary last week, May 4.”

Daphne and Patrick have been married for a decade, but actually they’ve known each other for 17 years. So, seeing her husband praising her for being a good wife and loving mom really touched her heart.

Daphne said in disbelief, “Nagulat na lang ako na he did that. Parang he said so much.

“And you know what, he’s so amazing.

“The way he speaks and the way he got me all figured it out, parang wow, nakakakilig.”


Even without the video interview, Daphne said that Patrick’s always supportive and encouraging.

“Every day naman he always lets me know and tells me that I’m on the right track,” she said.

“We are like that on each other. He’s my confidant with every move that I make, you know, because I’m doing a lot now.

“I have Daphne.ph, I have my linens, my furniture, my home fragrance. So, when I put it all together, he sees me stressed out and he’s always like, ‘Hey, you’re doing really well.’”

MAKING TIME. Aside from giving compliments, it’s important for couples to make extra effort for time with their partner, says Daphne.

She related, “Well, in general, from what I know, when you become a mother, it’s very easy to fall in love with your child, it’s natural.

“Even when you’re asleep, you’re thinking about your child only. Di ba, parang mamaya na ‘yong husband?


“But it’s very important to make an effort to make your husband number one.”

So, does she still go on a date with her husband?

“We’re always on a date. Pero nothing big, we just watch movies, just alone time, because weekends are for kids. Sometimes at night we see each other, we have dinner or drinks,” Daphne replied.

She added that this has a positive effect on the kids.

“When your child sees that you and your husband respect each other, love each other, then they will be confident, they will be happy.

“So when my kids see mom and dad going out for dinner, [they’ll ask], ‘Oh, you’re going out on a date?’

“Especially because [I have] daughters, it’s very important to have a positive role model in a father.

“When they see their father respecting and adoring their mother… I have that.


“In fact, my mom and dad are here and they’re still so in love, they’re always together. I wanted that for me when I grow old.”

Daphne also pointed out that no matter how long the marriage, it’s important to “hear each other out and be interested [in each other’s] world.”

She reiterated, “We just try to be involved with each other and we’re growing.”


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