Daiana Menezes wishes her “posporo” body would gain a little weight

IMAGE courtesy of Daiana Menezes

Daiana Menezes gamely danced during the Are You Game? event of Women's Health: “I loved it. Saw a lot of women sweaty but smiling still, and together that brings companionship which removes the super hiya effect…”

The best way to deal with stress, according to Daiana Menezes, is not to deal with it at all.

In an email interview, the Brazilian beauty says it “is part of everyone's daily basis only if you let it affect you.”

But knowing that “it just comes and goes,” she doesn’t dwell much on it.

Daiana continued, “I express myself right away, and after I do, it's gone.

“I do have my tantrums but hopefully no one is watching. I'm a girl still.

“But since I'm very straightforward, I don't keep it to myself, pag galit ako sa isang bagay or tao, sabihan ko and fix it kaagad.”

STAYING THIN. The topic shifted to her weight.

This freelance star, who stands 5’7” and weighs 110 lbs., wants to gain five more pounds.

She tells PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “I've always been a posporo, haha…

“Seriously, I was the payatot of the school, the ‘mukhang tall’ with some laman thankfully on the right places…”

This Brazilian with “a mix of Italian blood and African,” where she supposedly got her “big hips,” lost weight last year because of depression.

But “it’s all being recovered,” she adds.

And because she’s thin, diet doesn’t figure in her vocabulary.

”How can you do that when Pinoy food is so good?” the charming lady quips.

STAYING BEAUTIFUL. As for her beauty secret, on top of her list is “sleep.”

“No need to spend your money with this one,” she says.

Her next tip: Include “veggies and fruits on any meal.”

She makes no mention of other products except for sunblock.

“I love getting tan and that really damages skin… And since I'm too white, I peel off easily.”

Lastly, be at peace with whatever state you are in.

“Sobrang okay po, as in bagong buhay compared to dati. I'm exactly on the phase that I've got to work a lot, as in minsan walang tulog, but now with the balance of peace of mind, serenity, and no mental stress,” Daiana relates.


She continued, “Aabangan please po ng mga supporters… Ayoko kasi ng term [na] fans parang kasi sa akin, yabang ang dating… so mga supporters and friends and Twitter followers (@daianamenezes), abangan niyo ang show ko para sa inyo lahat on June 17, Sunday, at Robinsons Manila, 3:00 pm.”

Lastly, “Please keep on voting for me po sa FHM 100 sexiest para yun aabangan nila sa akin ay mas mahusay [na] performance this coming July at the event.”





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