Edu Manzano shares his health-conscious lifestyle

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Would he ask his son Luis Manzano to stop accepting showbiz projects once he decides to enter politics?

Edu Manzano answered, "I would encourage him to stop. But you know, I will support my son in whatever decision he makes, of course, especially if it’s going to be for the public good, di ba.

"But if he also starts thinking what to do, it’s up to him... But I would suggest that he stops also... showbiz pa rin.&qu

At 56, Edu Manzano doesn’t look his age.

The Game ‘N Go host who began his career as an actor in the ‘80s has not changed much in looks and physique.

His secret?

“I take care of myself,” he tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an exclusive interview.

Since he began changing his lifestyle two years ago, the first thing he did, was, “I stopped smoking.”

His sudden bout with asthma sent him alarm bells, but it was his children that became his motivation to go for clean living.

DOs. These days, he follows a “very, very health-conscious diet.”

The TV5 star adds, “Maraming greens and egg whites…”

According to, egg white has no cholesterol, no fat, and is low in calories and high in protein.

Moving on, Edu says, “I watch my food. I also exercise a lot more than before.”

His fitness routine is simple: “Tumakbo araw-araw.”

No matter how busy or how bad the weather is, he grabs any opportunity to run.

DON’Ts. When he started developing allergies, Edu decided to take doctors' precautions seriously.

“Ngayon, hindi ako puwede sa mga gatas. Hindi ako puwede sa gluten. Hindi ako puwede sa wheat, barley, o rye,” the father of three relates.

He also stopped drinking alcohol, “Bawal ang red wine. Bawal ang beer.”

And it wasn’t that difficult to make such decisions.

Smiling, he shares, “You know when my daughter was turning 18, I began the regimen.

“Kasi gusto ko, pag debut na, gusto ko siyang sumasayaw na hindi ako yung iika-ika. I wanted to look good.

“E, nung nag-debut, naisipan niyang mag-Boracay na lang with her friends. ‘Daddy, yun na lang gastusan mo. Huwag na yung debut, magbo-Bora na lang kami.”

Something good still came out of it.

“I realized, if I stop now, 'andito na ako, e, so I try to stay healthy.”






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