Georgina Wilson in her most daring cover ever!

IMAGE courtesy of Esquire magazine

The July issue of Esquire Philippines, featuring Georgina Wilson on the cover, is available in newsstands and bookstores nationwide @P195.

All iPad users also get a chance to have a copy of the Sports Issue’s alternate cover.

For more details, check out Esquire online via, bec

This month’s woman on the cover of Esquire Philippines is British-Filipina “It Girl” Georgina Wilson, who unravels how she truly feels about certain issues in the country, and why it’s always important to take a stand—whether or not the majority agrees or disagrees.

During the interview, she says, “Having a strong opinion doesn’t mean you’re negative or whatever. It’s just that you love your country and you have hopes for it. And that demands that you speak up and do something about it."

So even if she became controversial for bashing the President's meet-up with Paris Hilton on Twitter, she stood her ground gracefully.

Also in the issue, Nonito Donaire Jr. finds his match and greatest defender in his wife, Tae Kwon Do blackbelter Rachel Marcial.

More than just being The Filipino Flash’s equal, Rachel is fully capable in the controversy-riddled world of boxing as she reveals interesting details about Nonito, his family, her career, and their marriage.

As Filipinos are getting more inclined to other contact sports like rugby, Esquire also gives you the rundown of the do’s and don’ts of rugby as told by the most jaw-dropping female Brazilian models in an illustrated guide.

Well-known poker player Neil Arce also stars in a one of a kind fashion editorial for those looking for sartorial satisfaction.

Also in this month’s issue of Esquire Philippines are a couple of lists featuring songs every man should listen to in 2012, things your father should have taught you, the classic and classy cars, as well as other personalities such as Sonny Angara for the Man at His Best Q+A section, legendary sports journalist Ronnie Nathanielsz, and PBA player Mick Pennisi.





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