Sun Shorts presents animated film A Life in A Day

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Jolly Feliciano's (right) A Life in A Day premieres on August 8 on

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How much time is enough for "a life in a day"?

A young boy looks out the window and saw his dreams take flight.

But will his time be enough to see them come alive?

In the second offering of the SUN SHORTS digital film festival, TV commercial director Jolly Feliciano takes on life’s greatest adventures in the animated A Life In A Day.

In collaboration with Sun Life Financial-Philippines (SLFP), Feliciano combined the beauty of shadow animation and live sequences in a narrative about celebrating milestones through the eyes of a child.

The short film— which is both funny and melancholic— departs from the director’s usual light-hearted themes.

“It has been years since I last made a short film, and it feels so different from doing TVCs.

"For seven minutes, we’re able to explore different emotions, all anchored with the theme of SUN SHORTS, which is that life is brighter under the sun,” Feliciano says.

His short animated film is released after the acclaimed war-drama 1945 by master storyteller Jun Reyes.

With a new picture premiering every fortnight, SUN SHORTS is also poised to show original creations by Chris Martinez (Kimmy Dora series, Ang Babae sa Septic Tank), Jerrold Tarog (Senior Year, Aswang), and another TVC marvel Nic Reyes in the weeks to come.

SLFP's Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa remarks, “After moving many to tears with our first movie, SUN SHORTS will now awaken the child in each of us to, hopefully, make everyone realize the power of dreams.

"I invite everyone to look at life through a kid’s eyes and appreciate things in a whole new light.”

A Life in A Day premieres on August 8. Just click

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