Bianca King says no to trends

IMAGE Noel Orsal


How would you describe your fashion style?

Very laid back. A little bit Bohemian. I try not to look so put together but still nicely presentable. Hindi ako masyadong glam.

Who are your fashion icons?

Wala, e. Hindi ako masyadong up to date with fashion. I don’t actually look at magazines much. I wear what I feel like wearing. I don’t really follow trends.

What’s your latest fashion purchase?

That people will care about? Well, I bought a bag in Canada. But I’ve been discovering brands that are only sold abroad that really suits my personality.

There’s this European brand that I discovered in Venice Beach. It’s called Brandy Melville.

Medyo may pagka-flower child type of damit siya, very hippy. Tapos there’s Garage, which is Canadian-based, made in Montreal. There’s American Apparel also, which is manufactured in Los Angeles.

I like discovering brands na hindi binebenta dito para ako lang mero'n!

What’s the most expensive fashion item that you own?

I’m not really big on expensive bags and shoes but every now and then I’ll buy one [that is not as expensive].

Maybe one, pero hindi ako yung obsessed. I buy bags with quality, for the longevity that you can use it.

Bags or Shoes?

No, I’m not a bag person. I’m not an accessory person. I’m not a shoe person. I’m not a fashion person.

I’m a food person! (laughs)

What is your basic beauty regimen?


Moisturizer! I cleanse my face properly. I tone my face properly. I put moisturizer… kasi I have freckles. Konting tapat lang sa araw, they grow, they multiply. They multiply like gremlins!

Do you exercise?

I’m big on fitness. I do cross-fit. I’ve been practicing yoga for almost two years.

I’m going to start running soon. I just contacted a coach because I’m an [brand] ambassador of Planet Sports. I have to do a marathon for them in November.

Any quick styling tips?

Wash your hair and put cheek tint para always fresh!





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