Iya Villania, Billy Crawford, and others performed at a concert dedicated to local heroes

IMAGE GA Granali

Iya Villania is among the roster of talents who graced the stage of Saludo, a concert held for the benefit of HERO Foundation—a non-profit organization that supports the education and needs of our fallen soldiers' children.

After operating in the dark for the last 20 years, the Help, Rear and Educate Orphans (HERO) Foundation is finally coming out and letting the world know of its existence.

On August 24, a press conference was held at Annabel’s Restaurant in Tomas Morato, QC to formally announce the beginning of the group’s nationwide awareness campaign.

They will be holding a series of benefit concerts entitled Saludo, which will feature celebrities such as Piolo Pascual, and performers like Billy Crawford, Iya Villania, Kris Lawrence, Nikki Gil, 6 Cyclemind, and many more.

“It’s a series of shows, benefit concerts, and we’re calling it Saludo because we thought it was appropriate, kind of a word play.

“It’s like we’re saluting to these brave men and women who sacrifice their lives for us in battle, so we can live quietly and peacefully.

“And that is really the mission of HERO Foundation—we want to honor our fallen soldiers by helping their families, especially their children, to be able to survive and secure their future,” says HERO’s Michelle Chan, director for marketing and resource mobilization.

Saludo kicked off on Sunday, September 9, at the Naga Coliseum in Naga City, Camarines Sur.

“This is just the first one. We will have more play dates for the rest of the year,” adds Chan.





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