GET THE LOOK: Eugene Domingo’s Kimmy Dora for Halloween

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Dress up as one of the Godonghae sisters for Halloween! Go all black and gold for Kimmy, and don pops of yellow and cyan for Dora.

Still can’t decide what to wear for that upcoming Halloween costume party?

Then take this advice from (Philippine Entertainment Portal): Go as one of the Godonghae sisters!

These lovable twin characters—brought to life by Eugene Domingo in the movie Kimmy Dora: Kambal sa Kiyeme and its sequel Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme—have already become film icons of this new generation.

How their polar opposite personalities figured in the various adventures and mishaps in the movie certainly make for great comedy.

And it will surely make an awesome alter ego for Halloween, too.

Of course, it would be better if you can convince a friend to go with you as the other twin.

But whoever you choose between Kimmy or Dora, here are some useful styling tips.

GET THE LOOK. Unlike other film characters that are identified with only a single costume, Kimmy and Dora’s clothes are a lot more dynamic.

They may have donned a variety of ensembles in both movies, but they certainly maintained a signature look fo each.

So, when dressing up as Kimmy or Dora, it’s best to learn the basics of their individual styles and then build your own look from there.

BLACKOUT KIMMY. For the confident and sometimes menacing Kimmy, any stylish all-black ensemble can play the part.

But to make yourself stand out in a sea of ebony, assuming that many would still opt for the classic dark costumes, you’ve got to make the little details count.


Bits of gold and some print can give your outfit that instant pop.

Pick a printed pencil skirt with gold details and match it with other gold and black accessories.

Cat’s eye glasses give off a stern vibe, while gold and black earrings, necklace, cuff bracelet, and convertible sling bag can add glam.

Remember that Kimmy is a businesswoman in the movie, so always choose a top that is dressy and suitable enough to wear in formal or corporate settings.

A trendy peplum top with a rounded neckline is a good choice.

For shoes, think of Kimmy’s fierceness and go with something edgy and “scary.”

Wear platform shoes with intimidating details like an invisible heel or pointy studs.

COLORFUL DORA. For the innocent and bubbly Dora, your outfit’s power will come from color... lots of color!

Do not be afraid to overly blend hues and prints in your outfit. After all, it is a Halloween costume.

For starters, pick two contrasting colors that would be the base of the entire outfit.

A nice color combination to try is cyan and bright yellow.

Choose items that have a fun vibe, like an abstract-printed top, tie-dyed mullet skirt, and patterned heels.

Dora, of course, is known for her childish ways, so accessorize with playful items, like a cartoon-printed necklace, some quirky bracelets, and rings.

A cute printed clutch to hold your valuables would help complete the look.

Lastly, don’t forget to wear a headress! Aside from colorful caps and hats, you can also try wearing a turban for a change.


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