Tim Yap’s “very basic” grooming routine

IMAGE Noel Orsal

At his launch as the endorser of Belo Nutraceuticals, Tim Yap wore a blazer from Dolce and Gabbana and a pair of pants from Hermes.

Vanity is just part of the game.

“I seem vain,” Tim Yap says. “But it’s just because of my work.”

He admitted having a lot of clothes.

The host-columnist-entrepreneur continues, “I like to shop… Part of my therapy siguro when I’m traveling."

So it's no wonder his wardrobe includes a lot of designer clothes. Like, during his launch as the endorser of Belo Nutraceuticals, he donned a blazer from Dolce & Gabbana and a pair of pants from Hermes.

When asked about his most expensive outfit to date, he pauses before answering, “During my pictorial for Belo, I wore a 250,000 Tom Ford tuxedo.”

(It’s the same brand, by the way, that made Daniel Craig’s dinner suit in Skyfall, the latest installment of James Bond.)

But, he is quick to point out, “It’s not luho. Clothes are tools of my trade. Besides, I also have high-street buys that I see around the stores here.”

How about his grooming routine? What’s his secret to looking young?

“I’m really very basic when it comes to my hygiene,” says the Kapuso talent.

“Wala yung mga rituals-rituals. Ano lang, I take a shower, then shampoo, then soap.

“Siyempre, dahil nasa camera ka minsan, I cleanse. Then, I shave.”

Another thing he does religiously is “take Belo Nutraceuticals, which has glutathione and collagen.”

He added, “It’s my antioxidant. I take two in the morning, another two in the evening. That’s it.”

Talking about the product he’s endorsing, how can he persuade men to try it, given that it’s perceived as “para sa babae lang”?


Tim said, “Men are now becoming more vain. But men are also very health- conscious.

“I think I’m an intersection of vanity and [being] health-conscious.

“Because as I grow older and more mature, I realize we also have to take care of our health.

“But I’m also in a very public industry where I cannot lose [part] of my looks and my hygiene.

“I make sure that I now take vitamins. Now I do.

“Because I have to be in tiptop shape all the time. Kung hindi, I cannot give my 100 percent to the things that I do… to all the things that I’m doing.”





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