Rhian Ramos: “I’m happy. I’m so content.”

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Rhian Ramos has indeed bounced back. After the controversy that shattered the 22-year-old actress late last year, it is hard to believe that she is the calm, happy person she is today. As Rhian states in this interview, “Right now kasi yung perfect talaga na balance na matagal ko nang gustong i-achieve… nandito na! So, nandito yung trabaho, I get to spend time with my family. Nothing’s a problem! I have a lovelife, you know? Everything&rsqu

A cheerful Rhian Ramos completed one Tuesday mid-morning’s sunny scenario at the upbeat Eastwood City grounds in Quezon City.

Her arrival on the set of Sossy Problems— a Metro Manila Film Festival 2012 entry, where she plays one of the lead characters— brought in good vibes, a spunky kind of energy. She was chatty even before reaching her seat, greeting and blowing kisses to those who were present.

While she had huge sunglasses covering her doe eyes, one could tell the 22-year-old was happy that day by the calmness in her voice and the sweet smile revealed by her naturally pink lips.

Flash back to December last year when a nightmarish controversy put on hold the GMA-7 talent’s rising career, it is unimaginable that Rhian Ramos is this picture of happiness, of serenity. (CLICK HERE to read related story).

The Filipina-Welsh actress-model was only 21 years old last year when flung into an intrigue that accused her of having an abortion when, in the first place, she was never reported to be pregnant.

That she managed to return and to be here now with a movie project and a teleserye underway, Rhian proves that she turned more than a year older.

“Keri!” she giggled when one member of the press commented that she looked beautiful and in love.

Of course, that the 22-year-old is in love once again is nothing the showbiz world is oblivious about.

The past months have witnessed her “special relationship” with video-jockey KC Montero blossom into an official one. (CLICK HERE to read related story)


“Pekeng-peke!,” she later took back, as she laughed with the entertainment writers around her.

When finally asked how she is doing now and if she still harbors pains from the past, Rhian was not one bit hesitant, saying, “Hay naku, ang happy-happy ko! Napaka-OA naman kung sinabi kong napaka-perfect. Pero napakasaya talaga!”

It is not a question of who but what makes her happy.

“Right now kasi yung perfect talaga na balance na matagal ko nang gustong i-achieve, na ngayon ko lang talaga na-achieve, nandito na.

“So, nandito yung trabaho, I get to spend time with my family. Nothing’s a problem!

“I have a lovelife, you know? Everything’s perfect!”

She thought about her last statement and finally said, “Di naman perfect pero as close to perfect as it can get!”

Is she happy now?

“Happy,” confirmed Rhian, as if reflecting the bright rays from the sun. “I’m so content.”

She narrated, “I’m doing a movie and a soap, I get to spend lots of time with my family because nasa akin yung family day ko na Sunday, nabalik sa akin.”

KC FACTOR. The previous relationship that almost cost her her career could have turned Rhian world-weary and cynical about love. That didn't happen, though, when Rhian met KC.

She believes that the 34-year-old Filipino-American MTV host is part and parcel of “the balance” she has attained.

Rhian mused with a smile, “Oo. Feeling ko kasi parang … para nga makuha ko yung balance na yun, kailangan ko lahat ng parts na yun [family, career, lovelife].


“And binigay niya sa akin yung one-third na yun. So, happy ako!”

The actress endearingly said of her boyfriend, “Him kasi as a person… I think kahit sino yung tanungin mo na kakilala niya, they’ll know na siya yung pinaka-patient na tao sa buong mundo na parang wala siyang talagang ginagawang problema.

“Lahat naiintindihan niya. Naiintindihan niya pag may work, naiintindihan niya pag marami kang kailangan gawin. Walang tampo factor for anything.”

Rhian said she looks up to KC’s maturity.

“Kunwari, if meron man na lumapit sa akin na guy, walang selos factor. Parang naiintindihan niya lang lahat.”

She added, “At saka ano, responsible din. At saka ano, he likes to do things for people. Very ma-service.

“He just likes to do things for you. Parang he always asks kung meron siyang magagawa para matulungan ka.”

NOTHING TO HIDE ANYMORE. Rhian and KC do not keep track of how long it has been since they officially became a couple. According to Rhian, sparks just flew when she and KC went to Las Vegas for work. The two endorsers of Smart Communications jived and found themselves hanging out more and more since their return to Manila.

“As in, pag may kailangan akong kunin sa mall, magkasama kami.

“Pag may kailangan siyang gawin, even to the point na may ginagawa kami… either guest ko siya or guest niya ako. Laging ganun.

“Na-e-enjoy lang talaga namin yung company ng isa’t isa. Sobrang walang hassle!”

In her previous relationship, it took a while before Rhian admitted to the public that she was in a relationship.


The difference now, Rhian said, is that she does not feel the need to hide anything.

Wala. Parang hindi kasi ako… parang wala akong nakikitang masama kasi, so, parang wala akong nararamdamang kailangang i-hide.”

KC, if anything, has been so good to her. “Lagi niyang kino-consider yung pamilya ko, so parang I’m just proud of the type of person that he is.

“So, parang I don’t feel weird talking about it because I feel that he’s a good person.”

She exclaimed, “Sobrang bait!”

Their bonding consists mostly of food, watching TV shows, and their noticeable wacky sense of humor.

Rhian said, “Parang lahat ng moments na puwedeng gawan ng joke. Minsan nga hindi puwedeng gawan ng joke, ginagawan pa rin namin ng joke, e. Ayaw lang namin ng masyadong seryoso!”

Upon hearing again that she never radiated this aura of happiness before, the actress reiterated, “Kontento talaga ako.”

And it seemed like Rhian could say it a few times more.





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