KC Montero's "perfect moment" with friends

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KC Montero has been enjoying his new role: the "instigator" of fun. He says, “When you’re out with your friends, when you’re with your family, when you’re with whoever... basta yung barkada, it takes one person to be like, ‘Sige nga, inom tayo!’ That person is the instigator, it happens to everyone." The host was recently introduced by Jose Cuervo, represented by its managing director Peter Gu

Sans the camera, KC Montero is one busy man.

Aside from being a part-owner of Team Manila, Trilogy Boutique, and the Phi Bar, he's also managing a digital agency.

His job requires him to deal with people a lot. The best part of it is when he becomes the "instigator" of fun.

In an interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) held last month, at the Las Flores Gastrobar, One McKinley Place, KC explained, “It’s like when you’re out with your friends, you can be drinking beer all night.

"But there’s that time when you say, ‘Shot tayo, shot tayo!’

"What does that mean, right?

“Everybody’s like, ‘Yehey!’ The person who says, 'Shot tayo,’ that’s the instigator and then what comes? Shot the Cuervo usually, right?"

He was referring to the recent campaign of Jose Cuervo, which has kept him quite busy of late.

The conversation turned a bit "educational" with the presence of Peter Gutierrez, the brand's managing director.

He knows that the Phillipines is a "beer country," hence, he underlined, “Tequila is not only for shooting.”

That night, mojitos, margaritas, and Coke mixed with Cuervo were served.

Peter resumed, “Now you know what it is, but if I haven’t told you what it was gonna be and when I ask you what it was, you wouldn’t say this is tequila.

“You’d say it’s something else. You wouldn’t even say to me what it was then.”

Since Christmas is fast approaching, an increase in sales is inevitable. But Peter wanted to stress that Tequila is not just "for celebrations."


"That’s where it lives, in people’s hearts and minds. That’s fine.

"But it also has its versatility, that’s the surprise of it," the Harvard Business School alumnus said.

“PERFECT MOMENT." Back to KC, how does he drink his Cuervo?

He answered, “My favorite way is taking shots.

“Actually tonight, it’s the first time I had it like this [mixed]. I do like margaritas but there’s something different in them, di ba?

“Sabihin nating something ‘sexy’ parang gano'n, but it doesn’t mean we can’t take it."

Is there any other way to enjoy his drink?

KC simply answered, “With friends.”

DRINK RESPONSIBLY. And does he ever get drunk?

“It’s not really important how many, let’s just say, I make it home safely,” the boyfriend of Rhian Ramos answered.

“There came a time how wild and crazy you can be but it’s really about having the time and making sure you are having some difference and that you are safe.

“Drink responsibly. I mean you have to drink responsibly with any kinds of liquors, with anything. Period. You have to be responsible with what you do.”

For Peter's part, he can’t avoid drinking the product because it's his job. So, he found the best way to deal with hangover.

“If you go the whole evening drinking only tequila, you’re fine the next day,” he answered.

“The problem comes when people drink beer and some vodka and then they have Cuervo... I like beer and I like wine and I mix it up. I get a bad hangover.”


So his only trick: “Drink tequila all night long and keep drinking a bit of water, you don’t get a hangover."





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